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"Weekend of a Champion"

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Sep 19, 2011
Northern New Jersey
By chance I came across this documentary [available on netflix and amazon] and it's amazing, especially if you are a track student/driver or interested in competitive motor sports.

Turns out Jackie Stewart and Roman Polanski were good friends in the 60's. Roman asked Jackie if it would be ok if he shadowed, interviewed and filmed him, in documentary style, during the the 1971 F1 race at Monaco.

The result was a box office flop around 1972 or so and it went into the vaults for 40 years. It was edited and re-released in 2013 to little acclaim again for the masses, but for us it is a treasure trove. In example, Jackie drives Roman and a cameraman around the track and tells him exactly how he will drive it during the race - then there are many casual conversations where Jackie explains vehicle dynamics in great detail. Plus you see all the time trials and even formula 3 races.

I searched this site and did not see a mention of the documentary, so I thought it worthy of a post.

Weekend of a Champion

It is alternatively known as Afternoon of a Champion [original 1972 title] but that may not include remastering and follow up commentary, which I found very valuable.
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