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Weight-Comptech Sport Suspension

2 January 2003
Victoria, BC
What is the weight of the comptech sport suspension? Does it provide a saving over 1994 OEM?

Also, what are the spring rates? The car is used for AutoX occasionally.

I will weigh the shock/spring combo later and repost.

The springs are progressive, which is fine for occasional track use (autoX or track), but will become a liability quickly as your skills increase. The Comptech springs start around 225# and go to the 400# range depending on degree of compression. You can dial in a little higher start rate by changing the ride height of the coilover, but that is a poor substitute for linear springs in the first place. A new set of Eibachs would set you back around $175-200.

I believe MJ has the rates listed on the Dali site somewhere, or do a search on this site including the FAQ to see if they are more professionally listed.