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Welding ?

27 June 2003
Lenexa, KS, USA
Hi all. I'm fabricating a racing harness mounting harness and would like to know if it is possible to tack weld the parts using a 12-volt maring battery. All I want is to tack the parts together so that I don't need to take all of the parts and the seat to the welding shop. If this is possible, how?
All I want is to be able to generate enough heat to "tack" two pieces of mild steel together.

Brian, :tongue: I seem to remember this from many years past (pre-McGuyver).
Briank said:

You have been watching to much MacGyver. :wink:
I think MacGyver used a couple of coins and a battery to do the welding, laid down perfect little beads just like TIG welding. Damn he was good, made me want to be a welder...oh wait...I am a welder :biggrin:

There is enough energy in a 12 V battery to weld once an arc is established, I don't think an arc can be struck with 12 Volts. I would take the parts to the weld shop. Any time you are bringing metal up to melting temperature you need to control the atmosphere around the parts to prevent contamination which will create a brittle weld. For a part that you are depending on, I would not take a chance, leave it to the pros you trust with your life!