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Went to Motor Vehicle inspection yesterday...Long Story

16 July 2007
New Jersey
Since I just bought my new to me NSX, New Jersey requires a motor vehicle inspection within 14 days of registering the car.

It took 13 days to order and install a front license plate/bracket :frown: since this car never had one before (front plate is required in Jersey) so I took it for inspection on the 14th day.

I went on my lunch hour from work. I got there a little early to beat the lunch crowd.

There were three rows for inspection, two totally empty with no wait and in the other row was a H2 Hummer. I thought to myself, Great! no wait, I will be in and out in 10 minutes.....

For some reason, they told me to go line up behind the Hummer. 5 minutes later, 10+ cars show up for inspection (probably all on their lunch hour) They all breeze through inspection in Rows two and three.

Thirty minutes pass, and I'm still waiting behind the Hummer. For some reason they couldn't figure out how to test the emissions/climb into it, etc.

Why they didn't tell me to move to another line, I don't know. Finally they figure out how to climb into the H2 and inspect it.

At the inspection station, they don't let you wait with your car. You have to walk across the three inspection rows and walk down to the end of the building where the waiting area is located. Your inspection is done when your car comes down to the waiting area.

I can still see my car from the waiting area, I know its mine because it is the only car not moving.

They have to check the engine compartment. The lady opens up the front trunk, she looks, no engine in there. The lady looks shocked. She calls over two male inspection workers, they look and point to the rear of the car.

They now open the rear trunk, no engine in there either.:eek: They stare at each other for 10 minutes and shrug their shoulders. 10 more people breeze through inspection, in rows 2 & 3. I'm now there over an hour.

I waive my arms frantically to try to get their attention. They reluctantly call me over. No problem, I show them where the engine is.

The people in the waiting area around me complain that their inspection is taking forever, almost 15 minutes. I remark that I've now been here for an hour and a half.

I think to myself work must think I quit and I'm never coming back.

Finally my car is inspected and I drive off. Immediately the warning light comes on that my engine hatch is not closed. Of course it isn't.

At least I won't have to go back to inspection until 2014.
I think I posted in your other thread, but a front plate is not necessary anymore for inspection, although you will still get a ticket.

Which inspection station did you go to? I went to the one in Edison, NJ, and they had a few problems too. They didn't know where to mount this emissions box (not sure what it measures) and that took like an extra 25 minutes. Crazy it took so long for you!

Sounds like a painful experience. :eek: I hate going through emissions, but at least in AZ they let me stay in the car (in the passenger seat) if I want to. I had the same experience with the employee opening the hood, then trunk, before I opened the engine hatch for them, haha.

I don't like them getting in my car and brushing against the bolster though. :mad:
Uh oh... I passed smog already but DMV needs to inspect my car before I can register it here in CA. I heard they only check to see if the VIN numbers match and look at the engine. What they are looking for I don't know. I have a CTSC (with CARB OE sticker) and an RM Exhaust. Do you think they'll give me any trouble?
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When I went to Santa Clara/the one off of El Camino kind of by Lawrence Expressway, my physical inspection was the same as the people ahead of me. she just did VIN verification and verification of the emissions/compliance/whatever sticker that is on the inside wall of the engine bay (the wall against the passenger cabin). They have no way of knowing what is stock or aftermarket really; your CTSC will probably just as stock to them as anything else on the car.

For smog, some testers do check the CARB stickers and such but they never have for me.
^Whew, I sure hope so. Do they check for font plates and do you think they'll say anything about my exhaust? Its fairly loud.

Also, did you have to make an appointment ahead of time or just drop on by. Would I have to do the inspections before or at the same time when I get the car registered? Sorry for all the questions, this is all new to me . :redface:
I didn't have plates on my car at all. I don't think they care.

I don't think they care about the exhaust either - I don't think they are in a position to interrogate cars really and a lot of newer GT cars are loud anyway.

The physical check is done via a drive thru-like lane that goes Behind the building. No appt for that.

They fill out part of the title and the registration application which I brought both.

Then, you go park and finish the application process - u can do it then or later - with appt or without. U pay tax and reg and in my case mail smog cert and reg app to them for plates.
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