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Wet weather Tires

20 February 2000
Seattle, WA 98115
I'm very interested in knowing what tires people have found best in wet weather. I live in Seattle and recently had my car slide off the road (I'm unhappy as you might guess)in a squal (driving at legal speed). According to the notes in other parts of the web page it seems like Dunlop 9000 might be best. Your experience? Thanks Charles Johnston
I would have to recommend the Bridgstone S-02 PP. Its a super tire for rain or dry. The Dunlop SP9000 is very good in the rain, but in the dry it handles worse the the SP8000 which in turn handles worse the the Bridstone in both rain or dry. hope this helps.
I am currently using the Bridgestone S-02 tires, 215/40 front(17"), 265/35 rear(18"), in dry weather it does perform very well, although the tires wear out quite fast. In the wet it doesn't handle as well as I would've liked, but still not too bad. These super performance tires aren't designed for the wet, if you want handling, I would still recommend all season tires.
I have Yokahama A-022S tyres fitted, they seem excellent in the dry and slightly less good in the wet.

I thought traction control was there to stop the whole 'ending up in a hedge' thing anyway...

I've been reading a lot of posts lately regarding suspect wet-weather handling characteritics of the NSX. I have to tell you that I just attended a track event in the rain and experienced NO ILL HANDLING EFFECTS on stock Yok's at triple digit speeds, nor under hard braking and cornering maneuvers. I recommend a stock set up, and let the car work the way it's supposed to.
I'm using Bridgestone s-02pp 215/40ZR17 front and 255/35ZR18 in the rear and I have to say that the wet traction is excellent and the dry is even better. You would really have to do something pretty stupid to get yourself in trouble with these tires in the wet. I highly recommend them!!!