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What are you guys using for boost control?

Im kinda stuck on this one. Im thinking about using a AEM wastegate solenoid http://scienceofspeed.com/products/.../ScienceofSpeed/wastegate_solenoid_valve_kit/ since I already have an EMS and Ill probably have better control of boost over any other controller. But does this mean I have to use a laptop to switch between different boost settings?

You can have a switch input on the EMS to switch between 2 boost maps. I almost always recommend a simple manual controller though for 99% of street applications.
The EMS can control boost by controlling an electronic solenoid valve that regulates the wastegate. We offer this solenoid kit that is identical to the AEM unit, but less expensive, and comes with a mounting bracket that mounts nicely to the NSX:

To be able to have a "low boost / high boost" setting, you will simply use a switch that will provide a path to ground to one of the EMS switched inputs. A popular method is to have the "low boost" setting to be off wastegate spring pressure alone, then the path to ground enable boost control to increase boost pressure from the turbo.

-- Chris