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What could have been...

9 July 2020
It would be VERY politically incorrect in these electrified times, but too bad Honda didn't choose to make the final special edition by channelling inspiration from the original NSX, i.e., make it as simple and lightweight as possible (given the existing platform).

Just remove the hybrid system, batteries, electric motors, and pump up the boost on the gas engine as much as can be done reliably.

Maybe that means only the same horsepower (an upgraded gas engine equalling the previous gas plus electric), but with several hundred pounds gone, the result would be more performance, more newsworthiness, and more differentiation from the existing cars.

(As inspiration, Audi's main shtick is AWD, but when they made special performance versions of the R8, they were RWD. And Lamborghini has also made RWD versions of the R8's sister car, the normally AWD Gallardo.)

Just a thought.