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What happened to "what would you do"

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14 March 2008
I read a thread earlier today about someone having problems with Factor X. Why was it deleted?:confused:
it was moved to the vender review section.
Too bad. It was a really importaint post.
it wasnt deleted...just moved to the correct spot.....but i feel its big enough to be in this forum section..
I agree. This is not just a disagreement with a vendor, it's really a problem with people in our community that involves what $10K or $20K of dollars. It could involve any of us. This is much more than a vendor issue. These are the type of things we as a community need to address. There are two sides of the story, but this is really larger than send back my $300 and I'll send your wheel back.

He was not slamming a vendor. He was asking, what would you do if you were in my situation? Good question for all of us to be able to ask.

Get it back on the correct forum!
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Agreed! This is a considerable issue with a well known entity in what is a relatively small community of owners and vendors. I happen to personally know the client (victim) of this problem. And know him to be a person of the highest integrity. I've been in contact with him here locally during this very frustrating experience. Not sure what I would have done in this same circumstance, but I am sure I would not have been as patient as he has been.
Thanks everyone.
I do think there is value in having the thread in the public forum. After all, I am seeking advice. But, I do understand and respect the moderators standpoint. It does speak to a vendor experience, although it was with the intent to give everyone the background necessary for basis of my question. I think without the story no one would be able to answer the question accurately.

nonetheless, the story is now in the vendor experience section

and I would still appreciate any advice.

thanks so much.
I read a thread earlier today about someone having problems with Factor X. Why was it deleted?:confused:

It was posted in the wrong forum so I moved it to the correct one. Just like this thread.

I am closing this thread because it is quickly turning into the THIRD new thread today about the same vendor issue.

If someone wishes to have a general discussion about how vendor issue threads are treated, please start a new thread in this forum and we can discuss it.
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