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What to check on a '91 NSX?

4 August 2003
The Netherlands
Hi all,

As things are looking now, I might be checking out a 1991 NSX, located in gelderland It's a red one and the car was imported from italy about 4 years ago. The current owner claims that he drove the car only ~ 1400km annually over the last three years. Meaning that the car hasn't been driven a lot. I asked for distribution belt / ckutch maintenance but i got the feeling that the car hasn't had any maintenance besides oil during those 4 years.....:-(

Total milage is ~70.000km. Do any of the Dutch members know this car?


Eric (who intends to keep his ATR since the wife would kill me if I sold it....don't you love'm)

What Honda dealers or garages in Holland do have sufficient experience with NSX. According to Honda NL all dealers are qualified to work on the NSX but if I mention this to my dealer they say they cannot work on them...??
I don't know this car ... I do know a NSX from Spain that goes around in Belgium - The Netherlands these days that isn't in very good shape. :frown:
You might want to check the airco: mine wasn't used for a while and last summer, when I wanted to use it, the compressor broke down (I've lost the fluid by not frequently using the airco) :mad: It's been fixed now, but at a reasonable price. Also the electric window mechanism can fail ... you better check that out before you buy the car ...
Greetz, Eric (also :rolleyes: )

als het de auto is die op marktplaats stond dan kan ik je alleen mededelen dat dit een auto is die zijschade heeft gehad.

Verder is het onderhouden van een nsx niet zo heel moeilijk

Heb al een eerder een distributieriem vernieuwd etc ( zonder motordemontage)



Yep.That was the one I checked out. Very disappointing car to say the least.
Got a quote for TB + WP change for roughly 650 euro's wich, I guess, wouldn't be too pricey.
Money is now being spent on something else (kunstof kozijnen etc) so my search for a decent one is on hold for a while untill new funds are available again....
Hi eric,

Ok i will do it also in englisch no problem. I got a pfonecall from this guy 2 or 3 years ago. he has bought a nsx that was "slightly" damage he sad. He needed some information. After that phonecall i never heard something from him again.

I don't know iff you know but at this time there are 7 nsx cars for sale in holland ( one black, one silver targa, one yellow coupe and the others are red)
I know also a very nice yellow car for sale in italie from an englisch person.

Ans yes i am also searching for an nsx, but the car i likes 4 weeks ago ( green automatic with 4800 km was sold just the day that i would make an apointment with the seller .

SO i hope we will meet eachother both with our nsx..

Iff the windows are still closing you don't need new ones??

greatings ronny

Yes, it's best to communicate in english; most people here don't read Dutch :wink:
Well, like I said: no need for me to rush things. More time than money. The NSX's available in our country are either in a poor state and/or too expensive for my wallet.

If you get one before I do, I expect a passenger-ride OK!?