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What's everyone's 1/4 mile?

22 February 2000
vancouver canada
Nice run. What are your mods? 60ft times? Just curious.

Wow, 13.2 in a 92 is very quick! I just installed my own NOS kit (basically copied RM's at 1/5 the price) in my 94. This weekend I'm going to have it dynoed to verify gain and to make sure that my air/fuel ratio is correct. After that, I'm heading to the track to see what kind of numbers I get. Will update soon.

I think everyone should list their engine/tranny mods along with their times. All I currently have is an RM carbon fiber intake and the NOS.

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The only mods that I have are a modified air intake (above the rear glass hatch, GT1 style), springs, 265ZR tires, RM clutch. Most of my runs are right around 13.3@106-7mph.
I have a 98 coupe.
Best time bone stock = 12.87 @ 105 (60'=1.90)

Best time with Comptech Intake, Headers, exhaust, and street/strip clutch is 12.96 @ 108 (60'=1.96).

My theory on why my times are worse with the Comptech Mods is that I traded low end torque for hign end horsepower. I believe that with the 4.55 ring and pinion I could achieve 12.7 @ 110.
Sorry if I am asking such a stupid question, but how can you guys turn such incredible times on near stock cars, when the so called "Professional" Magazine editors and testers can only manage to squeak by with 1/4mi times as low as 14.0 seconds on a 3.0L NSX?
The setup that I run is as follows: No cat.converter, stock 15/16" wheels but with 255ZRs on the back with about 15-20lbs of pressure, RM clutch, lowering springs, no passenger seat (70lbs), no spare tire (30lbs), ram-air intake above rear hatch (GT1 style), Ford F-250 K&N panel filter, and very quick shifts. The ram-air unit is the key to the high trap speeds.
It was my understanding that Ram Air sytems netted a max of 5-10 horsepower at the wheels..how would that impact your 1/4mi ET so much?
10 horsepower does NOT get you from 14.0 to 13.2...
Btw, I am not questioning your 1/4mi times or anything like that, I am just curious as to HOW you get them, so that I can do the same..
You are correct about the ram-air system and the hp gained. I figure that it is good for 15hp at the crank at about 80+mph. It knocked off almost 2/10th on my 1/4 mile times though which I think is quite good. As far as the times you are quoting for a 92 NSX at 14.0sec in the 1/4 mile, I beleive that you got those times from an old Car & Driver. If I remember correctly, it was a silver NSX that they tested. They were actually the slowest times that I had ever seen. Most mags turned in mid 13's on 91-93 NSX's. I can bet that most NSX owners that have had their cars for sometime can extract better 1/4 mile times than a magazine driver that spends one day in the car and then runs a "few" 1/4 mile runs. What times have other
people seen for 1/4 mile runs on 91-93 NSX's?
I wonder how some of these magazines test 1/4 mile. Do they turn off TCS? Do they drop the clutch? Do they powershift? Do they correct for conditions?

An owner I know here in VA got 13.3 at a little over 100 MPH in his totally stock 1995 NSX-T by doing all three. This was an official time from MIR and he won his class (NA 6-cyl) at the event. The '95 and '96 cars should be even slower than the '91 cars because they have the same engine but more weight.
Alright..so Lud says Stock '95 NSX-T did 13.3, and David says rarely see's anything under high 13's or low 14's.
I am going to guess this is due to bad launch technique. Any of you low 13/high 12 second guys have tips?
Just got back from the dyno and my 94 with home-grown 70 HP NOS system dynoed 300 HP and 265 lb-ft of torque at the wheels (this is the only mod I currently have). Wednesday I will be running it at the track to see what kind of figures I can generate. I hoping for the high 12's, but I don't know if this is realistic. Any guesses???


When you are at the track, lower the pressure in your rear tires a little bit (not a lot) and if you have adjustable shocks, like Konis, set the rear shocks at the softest/lowest setting. If you have a front sway bar, disconnect it completely.

That done, just experiment with launching at different rpm until you find the right amount of wheel spin. Pay very close attention to the 60 ft. times on your slips -- past that, its mostly just a matter of flooring it and hitting your shifts right. With a street NSX, the best 60 ft. times are going to give you the best 1/4 mile times. With the torque you get from NOS, you should get well into the 12s.

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The sway bar won't make nearly as big a difference as the shocks, but you want to do everything you can to let the suspension squat down and hook up. Even if its only worth a tenth, its worth the trouble.

If you start spending a lot of time at the drag strip, pay attention to what the Mustang guys do. Those guys generally have worked out every little trick to get a street suspension to launch better. They tend to be a little fanatical.
any improvements on anyones times. I just purchased one of these cars and I am curios as to what it will run. It seems there are many vatriations and some conflicting numbers on here. I was told by the guy I purchased the car from to expect low 14's at best, he said a 60-70 shot of nitrous would give me mid to low 13's.

All my friends keep asking me what the car will run and I am not sure. I will hit the track in the spring.

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Bottom line on 1/4 mile times is it depends on the driver and the car.

I seen a viper do a high 14 second run and a stock type R do also a high 14 second run...don't believe in everything you read
Originally posted by Tetsuo:
Bottom line on 1/4 mile times is it depends on the driver and the car.

I seen a viper do a high 14 second run and a stock type R do also a high 14 second run...don't believe in everything you read

That's one slow ass Viper, btw, I've seen a stock S2000 run 15.8 1/4. That's pretty damn slow.