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What's everyone's 1/4 mile?

Originally posted by David:
For some idea just how slow a 14 sec. plus quarter is, my completely stock four-door Mercedes sedan with an automatic transmission ran a 14.4 or 14.3 four consecutive runs.

Good Lord, well I guess that depends on the Benz too, but even still that is quite the comparison. I wonder if the guy in the S2000 was shifting at 3500 RPM? ;P
16.55 @ 87 mph on the G-Tech.*

Boy I'm flyin' now!

<font size="1">* - Time attained in 100 degree heat with a bad O2 sensor, worn plugs, all season tires, and 130,000 miles.</font>
I'm heading to Pomona Raceway (CA) this Saturday to drag race my 97 NSX-T. The car is bone stock. I've only owned the NSX for a couple months and have never really practiced launching it from a stop, wish me luck. I'll post the results.

Anyone in Southern CA who wants to try racing their NSX on Sat, feel free to email me & we can co-ordinate. This is the last "street legal drag" for Pomona, they will not be allowing any further races for normal folk after this weekend. (Only NHRA/Pro cars). Credit the local city council for that one, the 3-member council decided they didn't want the noise and that they'd prefer all the kids race their cars on the street since there's no other outlet....

Argh! I wanted to take my car to Pomona next year, too.

Guess I'll have to drive all the way up to Sears Point next summer. :\