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What's the first mod you would do on your NSX?

1 April 2000
Emeryville, Ca
If $2000 is the limit, what would be the first mod for your NSX, exclud. wheels (type, brand, & why)? Exhaust? Header? BodyKit? Intake? Suspension? Audio?...etc. Thanks for the input!
My 2 cents worth.
K & N Intake - 270 dollars
Comptech Sway Bars - 350 dollars
Comptech brake Pads - 300 dollars
Extra Hot Blonde - 275/hour

And if you figure in a bit o labor, that should do her..err it...
Good question. $2000 doesn't get you too much on these cars. One tip for you is to try and get as many parts used. This will help you stretch your budget for sure.

These are the things I've changed so far w/costs:

* Window tint $100
* Clifford Intelligard 7000 $350
* RM CF air filter $150 - used
* H&R springs $225 - new (no labor costs as I installed them myself)
* Fikse/Bridgestone S02 rims & tires $4400 - new
* 70 hp NOS system from a Mustang 5.0 $500 - used (no labor cost as I installed it myself)
* Valentine 1 $399 - (mandatory)

Hope this gives you some ideas.
> * Valentine 1 $399 - (mandatory)

I'll go with that one, plus:

RM Racing brake pads and slotted rotors $900
Motul brake fluid $10
Synthetic motor oil $25
K&N air filter $80
Dali "window thingies" (for '91-93 cars) $60
Preventive "snap ring" repair (for cars with tranny in affected range of tranny ID) (price varies)