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Whats wrong with this NSX??

30 October 2000
Houston, TX
Am I the only one that has notice this NSX on 3 times on Ebay under different names? Theres a 1994 Green/Tan Auto NSX here in Houston that Ive seen personally twice! I first saw it for sale at a small dealership off of 59S here in Houston(They also had it on Ebay). Then again at a Lincoln dealership! Now its at TexasToyStore. Ive seen them place it on Ebay and remove it. Then place it on Ebay again under a different name! And then again under a different name. Whats going on here? I just thought it was very very strange and was wondering if anyone else has noticed it? Buyer Beware! Something doesnt seem right!JMO!!
Its my understanding that dealers trade cars often if they can't sell them in a short amount of time. My guess is there isn't a big market for a green automatic.
Thats true, but now thats its at TexasToyStore, theyve posted it 3 times on Ebay within the past few days, changing their names each time. I just find it odd. Thats all!
It's missing all it's badging too...

95 NSX-T Black/Black
My guess is there isn't a big market for a green automatic.

Probably true.

Also they are probably setting their reserve price too high.
Usually when a car sits at a dealer for a long time (esp. in an area like Houston) there is a reason. That car has all the indications of having lived a hard life.

Most importantly it looks like it has some serious paint issues and possibly poorly repaired damage to a couple body panels. The color also looks too light in general, but that could just be the camera.

In addition, it's missing the front spoiler, has a "stuck" radio antenna, the "Acura" removed from the rear tail light, front badge is gone and holes filled in and painted, it looks like it is missing the wheel well liner on the one wheel they show, and it has some funky color on the calipers (looks like someone tried to paint them the color of the Brembo Indy calipers), and CarFax says it's been through several owners and an auction... all the kind of things that point to a general lack of good care.

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Well, ebay takes forever to load...

It looks dull... doesn't have the sparkle I see in most NSX pics... nose took a hit... This NSX gives me a strange feeling... weird... Maybe it's because I'm developing a prejudice to the "Texas Toy Store."
I would think the auto is more of a deterent than the color. Not too many prefer an auto tranny when buying an NSX.

Personally, I like the shaved look. I may do that to my car excpet put an NSX instead of the Acura in the back. No writing at all makes it looks like it's missing something.