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Wheel info links

24 July 2000
Could someone post some links on the different light weight wheels for the nsx? I like the 7-9 spoke style... stock one's are cool, but the sizes arent big enough.... i'm curious b/c my Momo arrows seem like they're heavy... maybe its my imagination.. does anyone know the weight of momo arrows? I have 17x8.5" in front and 18x9.5" in back.. thanks! -E
I like the look of the arrow's but they are HEAVY. Exact stats I can not remember, but that was the main reason I went with TE-37's (along with I liked the look). My TE-37's are 14 and 15 lbs (17x7.5 and 18x9). We all know rotational weight is a killer.
well dammit... i knew they were heavy but not THAT heavy... now i gotta figure out a way to sell them and get something lighter!

do you have pictures of the rims on your car? I know they're heavy rims and I can imagine how much heavier they are with tires, but if the price is right, maybe I'll take them off of your hands. I'd have to see pictures though. Thanks


check that out for pix...

send me an email if you are interested! very suprised i'm getting a response so quickly!