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where do I find single din radio bezel replacements?

18 June 2008
so ive tried searching with no success. I have just purchased a VERY VERY high dollar head unit called the URAL CONCERT CDD.

now, all I need is a bezel that accepts a single din head unit.

does anyone know where I can find an aftermarket bezel?

the current bezel I have in the car is junk! the previous owner installed a single din nav unit and it looks like he purchased a fiberglass unit that has no ashtray or pocket.....

so, the cheap fiberglass bezel due to the arizona heat has now warped up top and looks hideous!!

can anyone help me?
wow guys!!! not all at once.. jeeeez. I just found out about the injection molded SOS console..

I hope its not like the fiberglass model they sold that cracks and warps/
Highline Car Audio has been making custom bezels. They recently announced that they will have bezels in the future that you can order from them. Previously, you had to send them your bezel and they would redo them. Do a search or look under the vender section.
well, great news, the previous owner of the nsx sent me a special delivery. he sent me the oem bezel, radio, cd changer and the oem cell phone (baller)

even though the phone doesnt work(analog) im tempted to put the sucker back in just so i can pick it up and have a fake conversation when I see a hot girl next to me...