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Where do you usually get your tires?

28 April 2000
SF Bay Area / Boston MA
I'm ready to replace my fronts for the first time since I've bought my car. I'm planning to get the OEM 16" Yokohamas. The inner edge of my current ones are smooth, I think they've been smooth for the past couple weeks. How long can I safely drive my car like this? I reduced the tire pressure on the front tires to about 29 lbs to hopefully even out the wear. I havn't been driving the car very hard lately, but I did take it on Laguna Seca once in December. What is the procedure most of you take when replacing your tires? I found the tires for $190 each at tirerack.com, but that won't include installation fees etc probably. I might go to Don in Daly City and ask him if he can do them. Andrie, if you're out there, how do you usually do it?
I reduced the tire pressure on the front tires to about 29 lbs to hopefully even out the wear

Not a good idea. Reducing pressure generally makes the edges wear out faster than the middle.

If you get your tires from Tire Rack, you can ask them for the name of an installer in your area.

Discount Tire Direct can do the same thing - and their prices on OEM tires are probably better than Tire Rack, if you are a member of the NSX Club of America and use your member discount.
Order from tirerack.com, I take the tires to a speciality shop that sells RIMS and Tires and have them install it. The speciality shop I go to mounts alot of rims in my area, including 20", very expensive rims. So I trust them with my 18" rims.

It costs around $40 for 2 tires, but then again, I live in Kansas.
Can anyone comment on the duration of how long I can wait before I truely need to replace them? I'm hoping I can go another 3 weeks or so. I'm planning to drive down to monterey once from San Jose, and drive to San Francisco once.
It depends on what you mean when you say the inner edge is smooth. Are you only talking about say the very edge of the tread (the corner where it meets the sidewall) vs let's say two or three inches of the actual tread width? If it's only the very edge, it's not such a big deal. If you're talking two or more inches of tread area, with no tread grooves remaining, this could wear through to the belts pretty quickly, at which point you will have MUCH less traction.

Also keep in mind that with a significant amount of tread grooves missing, the tires will grip much less in rain, as well as in any aggressive maneuvering.

IOW there's no easy answer, but these are some of the factors it depends on.

If you DO decide to chance it, take a good look at the tread every time you get out of your car, and if it's worn through to the belts, take it home and don't drive it until you're going on your way to replace the tires.