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Where to Dispose of Fluids?

30 March 2010
San Jose, CA
I was wondering if anyone has figured out where to take various automotive fluids for disposal / recycling. I do a lot of DIY stuff in my garage and I have fluids. Perhaps we can get a list going of what shops accept certain fluids. This might be helpful to other DIY-ers. In my garage I have:

  • Motor oil (no problem, AutoZone takes this and even pays you $.10 per quart that you bring in)
  • Manual transmission fluid - same as motor oil I'm assuming?
  • Power steering fluid - I haven't collected any of this yet
  • Brake fluid - I have a couple of gallons sitting around from track day prep I need to get rid of
  • Antifreeze - I have a couple of large containers full, maybe 8 gallons or so to dispose
  • Anything else I missed?
varies by state ,but pm Larry B,he has to deal with lots of other peoples' fluids......:eek:
The local Kragen Auto Parts store in town takes the stuff for free as long as its in containers made specifically for holding used oil and similar fluids.