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Which body style to get??????

7 September 2008
Well here I am wondering whether to go the pop-up headlight (1997) or the 2003. I have always wanted an NSX but gone other directions because it only made sense.....now I don't care anymore and am gonna do something for "me".....I dearly love both body styles and have studied and read this forum for months......I have located a yellow '97 with 28k miles(original owner, etc.) and an '03 yellow with 28k miles (2 owners)...both with all history ,etc.......About $9000 difference.....Which way and why would you guys steer me in a particular direction????? Any suggestions would help in my decision....I am a purist and both cars are totally stock......Help!!!!!!
'03 yellow 28K...are you kidding me? Side-by-side the '97 will look dated for sure. Therefore, buy the '97 and please PM me the contact info for the '03.
Thanks for the replies....I definitely want to keep it all original but was wondering if one or the other would be a better investment or less problematic etc....All things being equal is there an advantage or disadvantage of one over the other? I really love both but don't want any regrets because I am planning on keeping this puppy a long time and giving it to my son "down the road"...I am not that concerned about the $$$difference long term..........Thanks

I think it's a matter of personal preference. However, an 03 for only $9K more than a 97 seems like a no-brainer to me unless you're like me and have to have the hidden headlights. The 97 will have the extended emissions warranty for another few years which covers a whole lot of things you would not think are connected to the emissions system :)
The first and last pic should answer your question if the additional 9k is no concern. I would jump all over the 2003.




Personally I like the flip lights, but the 02+ style looks good too.

So, if you like both equally as well, it depends on which you like more - the 03 or an extra $9K left in your account. :smile:
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Are you going to keep it a long time?

The 97 is probably closer to its final resting place in terms of price. The 03 has a ways to go and seems to be going to down lately.

Take that for what its worth.
I would get whatever you can afford. If you like the flip-up look (my favorite) get an '01. If you like the exposed headlights, you need an '02 or newer. Depends upon your budget- regardless they are the same car-beautiful.
If you like both Body styles and money is not an issue get the '03. The car is 5 years newer. Everything is fresher and there are other subtle diferences that are worth while. All rubber parts will be that much newer and that does make a difference. Not to mention if you were to convert the '97 into an '03 it would cost you more than the 9k difference. I think that price diference will always hold into the future at this point so your probably at the bottom of the depreciation scale anyway, plus there are a lot less of the newer style cars on the market, about 7 to 8 times the number.

I actually went through the same dilema as I really liked the pop ups but rationalized my way into the newer car with the arguments above. Also I got a great deal on a the newer car and it had only 6,000 miles at that time so I couldn't pass it up. Now I really like the newer style more and would not go back to pop-ups but I still think the pop ups do look original, and the way the car was originally conceived and the lines are clasic.

So many guys are converting their cars to get the '02 look or the NSX-R look and your already there with the '03. Lots of time and money saved by comparison.

Either way, just get one. Good luck.

I would like to thank everyone for their input on this headlight thing....I used to collect mid-year Corvettes years ago and I still love them today. I guess I fall back to the original look and will go to the pop-up lights.

Now that I've finally made a decision, it's a load off my mind....will let everyone know when the day she arrives......Sincerely thanks again.............Chuck