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Which is best, NOS, SC, TT?

30 July 2001
Sunset Beach, CA
A friend and I got to talking today about the benefits of NOS, versus the standard SC and TT's available.

The main benefit that we chalked up to NOS is that the system isn't always on. So, you can still appreciate the everyday driveability of the NSX, but click on the NOS if you're at the track, or late to pickup the mrs. from the airport.

But, is the NOS system worth the hassle as compared to superchargers and twin-turbos? Sure, those are always on once you install them and need careful maintenance (not that a stock NSX doesn't) to prevent from breakdown.

What's the difference in acceleration (1/4 mile times, 0-100, etc) between NOS, SC, and TT's anyhow? To clarify the question a bit, on a stock NSX engine, with no other modifications, which delivers the best bang for the buck?

And if anyone has any clue as to what the fuel economy is for any of these, I'd love to hear it...
Now that I've been running NOS for a couple months I can contribute a bit.
What I like about NOS:
1) Cheap (compared to other options)
2) No change in mileage when not in use
3) Hits hard and very fun

Negatives from my POV
1) I actually would like having the power
ALL the time
2) Rare cases when the NOS is usable in a
city (need lots of room)
3) Illegal

Basically, the NOS is a gas (pun intended).
When I get to use it, it's great. That said,
I've used it ONCE in the last month. You need to be at Wide Open Throttle, above a certain RPM, and have plenty of room in front of you. Very few chances for me living here in LA. I would enjoy having a turbo or supercharger that I could enjoy without worrying whether I even have room to attempt an acceleration.
However, I could not yet afford 10K. I'm currently saving for the custom turbo for 5K installed.
I think others find many more opportunities to inject the sweet gas more often, but I've had a hard time. There are auto systems that may make it easier, but I like the manual route and being in control.
Considering that I live down in Sunset Beach, I'll take your advice and avoid the NOS...and I bet you could afford the SC if you sold your kidney, docs say you only need one anyhow. And when it comes down to it, life is too short to not sell your kidney for a supercharged NSX

You'll have to give me a ride sometime, I'm biding my time to pick up a used NSX...plenty of research comes first eh?

Any idea on what the difference in HP gains is between the aftermarket SCs and TTs???
NOS is definitly the best bang for the buck. However, it only makes a difference in one particular situation and even then, only for a few seconds.

Forced induction gives you the power all the time and does more to improve performance across a much broader rpm range. But it does cost more.

Depends on what you are trying to do and what you are willing to spend.
Just to be clear, a properly designed/installed SC or turbo of moderate boost doesn't appear to noticeably affect reliability nor do they require much more than usual maintenance. For SCs, you'll have to change a belt and change the SC oil once a year, otherwise, same maintenance as stock. Can't speak for the turbo, but there are some knowledgeable turbo owners on this board who can address the maintenance issues associated with that from direct experience. The more recent turbo installs don't seem to have been problematic.


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Originally posted by Number9:
For SCs, you'll have to change a belt and change the SC oil once a year, otherwise, same maintenance as stock. Can't speak for the turbo, but there are some knowledgeable turbo owners on this board who can address the maintenance issues associated with that from direct experience.

Turbo maintenance is very minor. If you have a non-Aerodyne turbo, there is no special maintenance at all. For those with the Aerodyne turbo's (Bell Twin Turbo kits), the turbos have their own self-contained oil resouvoir. Every 15K-20K miles you change the oil in them. (About 70cc's of oil!)

I would love to get together with some other Forced-Induction or NOS NSX's in the Los Angeles area to "compare notes on acceleration" on some remote stretches of road

97 NSX-T Twin Turbo
why not just head out to carlsbad drag strip one weekend.. I think it costs $22 buck.

I think I will be going out there tomarrow, though I am still mostly stock.

It would be cool to set up a Saturday or Sunday when several NSXers would want to show up out there.


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If you can put something together I'm game. Wait till I turn on me NOS!

I have a friend who I visit on occasion for the weekend, so I'll be there if we can get a few people down. Since everyone is down there, maybe we can get some grub afterward.
Let me know of a date when a few can make it.

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While I still only drive an eclipse, I'm down to head to the track and hang out and watch a few people....plus, I've *got* to see what ilya's NOS setup looks like and what it can deliver.

Count me in.

'98 Eclipse Spyder GS-T
Doesn't look like much, all stealth aside from the bottle in the trunk. It's a 100 shot so I'm also interested to see what it can do.
Originally posted by blurr:
why not just head out to carlsbad drag strip one weekend..

It would be cool to set up a Saturday or Sunday when several NSXers would want to show up out there.

I definitely need to make it to the track to see what kind of timeslips I can get.. I'm out for the next couple weekends, maybe later in August? I'm happy to try to organize something once I get back (after the 19th).

Unless Carlsbad has changed their hours, I think they're only open on Saturdays. (typically from 2pm to 6pm). And even then, I've heard they are open fewer and fewer Saturdays due to all the sound issues with their neighbors...

Hey bartonkt - Are you familiar with RoadRace Engineering? Ultimate place for making your Eclipse faster.. Go to www.roadraceengineering.com

97 NSX-T Twin Turbo
Sure. Later this month would be cool.

The people there a few weeks ago said they were open Satuday's and Sunday's. on Sunday there is a 93 db limit (or something like that). This wasn't track employees just some guys, so who knows.

I will find out.

My opinion is that a Supercharger is the way to go and worth every penny. I've driven both NOS and SC NSXs and the SC is by far the best for "fun factor". Guys, remember, we purchased NSXs - not Vipers, or any other high torque, high RWHP car - we got the NSX because of it's all around versatility and use (well at least I did). The NSX is NOT a Hennessey Viper, or a 911 Twin Turbo, nor will never have the mid to low 3's in the acceleration, but we can easily hit the low 4's with a SC and all associated mods, and the best part is that we still drive an NSX.

Ahh, gotta love the car...

Go for the SC. No comparison in my book...
'00 Silverstone-T
Finally, just what I wanted to hear! While the Viper can be made into a low 3's car, it'll still smell like cheap plastic and dodge components all the way. Bleh.

I'll take the nice crisp NSX interior at a low 4 any day...not to mention that sweet, sweet sound of VTEC at 8k rpms.

SC make the sound from the exhaust a bit deeper or what?
The SC makes a turbo-like 'whirring' sound when things get going - very different from the 'brrrram' of the stock sound. Also, if you throw on the Comptech exhaust (or any other for that matter), you definitely get a very different sound; much deeper. But with the SC, the entire engine sounds different - personally I think it's great. When I take people out in my NSX for the first time, they look at me and say "wow, the engine sounds awesome!"

Also, the Comptech Intake creates a different sound as well as it sucks the air in - hard to describe it though.

I've got my 2nd gen eclipse convertible modified with a nice big K&N cone air filter, and new BOV to replace the stock one. I'd expect that the intake sound is somewhat similar to that...which I like.

Since I've never been in a SC'd car, I'd love to see how the engine sounds when revving up. Any interesting sounds to it when you let off the throttle, ala turbos???
You really have to be in one. I'm sure that you could find somebody in your area with a Supercharged NSX - ask them to take you out in it - that way you can experience it first hand.

If you were here in Phoenix, I'd be happy to take you out in mine.

With the mods that Mark Basch did in addition to the base components I'm ~348RWHP in the 100+ degree Phoenix weather. FWIW if you do go the route of a Supercharger, or any other mods for that matter, Mark Basch is DA MAN, and we're lucky to have him here in Phoenix.

Originally posted by jackmac:
Hey Blurr,
I noticed that you are from Irvine too! Are you from UCI(I am from UCI)? I see a yellow NSX crusing around that area often.

Yes I am in the UCI area. I do not go to UCI, but my office is on the UCI campus.

Alrighty then, anyone in SoCal have a SC'd NSX that wants to go for a drive??

I'm down in Sunset Beach, which is right near Huntington, just into Orange County...
And since I'm on the topic, what are folks opinions of purchasing used NSX's with TT's or SC's already installed? Good idea or bad idea?

My thought is that if its a single owner car, or at worst two, and the SC has had regular and recent maintenance, why not scoop it up and save the costs of installing one on your own??

'98 Eclipse Spyder GS-T
My personal opinion is buying a Supercharged NSX is the way to go - just make sure it's been maintained properly, and the SC is Comptech and it's not tweaked beyond the warranty (stock PSI, good fuel mixture, etc.).

After driving a Supercharged NSX, there's no other way to go - a stock NSX is just too boring

Sounds good Dave, thanks for the info! Great stuff to hear.

I'm looking at picking up the SC'd NSX about six months out, so I got time on my side to locate the perfect one.

With some modifications to intake and exhaust, along with the Comptech SC, I can expect almost 350hp right?? About 0-60 in the low 4's ??
Well, with the 3.2L probably - but you'll more than likely need some tweaking, and somebody like Mark Basch to install the system. I recommend calling him and talking with him about what options are best for you. I think Mark is running over 350RWHP in his 3.0L NSX.

Good luck!