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which mod....performance or looks?

26 September 2000
I'm ready to do the next mod on my '92, what should it be??

Option 1:
-Advan Model 5's in 18/19" sizes

Option 2:
-DC Headers
-Taitec Race pipes
**for exhaust, either Taitec JGTC Center Exit, GT Competition, or Rapid Race(this will eliminate the need for the Taitec Race pipes)**
Which Exhaust would you choose, and why?

What would you guys do?
Any other suggestions?

*budget is between 3-4k*

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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[This message has been edited by Veleno (edited 28 August 2001).]
of course I'm going to tell you get the go-fast stuff first. But it's your money, so spend it what you like. You won't regrad the taitec stuff for sure. They are top notch. Wheels are like fashion, something that's hot now, could be dumb-looking in a few months.

George Wang
Keep it Real!
I'd say go for AVS 5 since I haven't seen any NSX with 18/19 AVS 5 in N.America!

Anyhow, Taitec exhaust looks tempting as well, I even kinda thinking selling my HKS exhaust for the Taitec JGTC center exit exhaust! (yah, if I got the money)