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White 97+ nsx spotted in St. Louis

12 May 2003
Seattle, WA
hey guys, a white w/ white top nsx pulled up next to me on Hanley today.
Who that is? Just thought i'd say hi, i would have pulled over but i had some prior engagements to attend to. Its kinda funny cuz i was actually just sitting at a light waiting for it to turn green, kinda spaced out, then all of a sudden on my right comes into view this really pretty white nsx, and i was like holy crap! sweet!, anyhow just curious to know who you are mr. white nsx on hanley today, and just saying hello, btw len3.8, i got my dreamzsports wing, its pretty big :biggrin:
touche' sir =)

that was actually the first time i saw a white nsx up close.... very sweet.