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Who do you recommend in the midwest for interiors?

24 April 2000
Gilbert, AZ, United States
I am thinking about buying one of those leatherkits or sending a pair of seats to get refinished and want to see who knows of a great interior shop? Not just one you have heard of, but one you have heard of or have experienced that does a great job, even custom jobs if needed.

The NSX I am getting has tan interior and I want to move away from that and redo the interior either OEM red, or a darker red. I will either wrap the OEM seats or wrap some sparcos/recaros/etc... but with OEM leather. I work in Seattle 50% of the time and thought hard about going to Ravi at Umbrella Auto Design (6 miles down the road) but he doesnt seem very service oriented with answering questions and all he keeps saying is his interior jobs START at $10,000.

That being said, my main residence is in Grand Rapids MI, so I would prefer a regional shop.
We've got some great people in St. Louis that are super on both repairs and replacement. I called the gal that did my tan interior last fall that needed to "be replaced and now it doesn't", and if St. Louis isn't too far, will let you know of one of the "best guys in the business" who does work for auto museums.
My son-in -law bought his 98 in Grand Rapids a couple of years ago, and then I got mine in Boston last fall. LMK if you are interested, either here or PM me.
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Thanks Don, I'll get a hold of you when the time is right. Right now I feel pretty sure I won't be dropping the $10,000 minimum that Umbrella Auto Design charges just to make an interior change.