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Window regulator advice needed

6 February 2003
Silicon Valley, CA
Well... the passenger window dropped like a rock into the door. You know what that means... :mad:

I need some help from someone who has removed the passenger side window regulator before. Here's where I am at and I'm not sure the next step to take.

I have the door taken apart as shown below on picture 1.
I can get "almost" the entire regulator assembly out at this point. Except there is something that is connecting the regulator assy to the window down in the door as shown on picture 3. I "think" this would be easy to do if the window were raised up but I have no way to raise the window at this point.

My question is: Do I need to take the entire glass piece out to get the regulator out? This pretty much means I have to almost completely disassemble the door.

My next steps are to:

1. Finish removing the regulator and send it to Mirror Guard Co. for the $55 fix.

2. Install the "fix-it thingie" for the passenger side when I replace the regulator assy.




Why can't you raise the glass by hand? Is it jammed? I would typically raise the glass by hand, then use wide masking tape along the upper door edge to hold the window glass up in the position needed to access the bolts to disconnect the mechanism from the glass. then remove the regulator with the glass in place.

I agree taking the glass out is a pain, but this is the time to clean and regrease the track anyway:). Make sure you review the service manual if you do take the tracks out. There are some procedures about scribing marks and counting adjustment turns during removal of the tracks that are worth reading. Alignment from scratch is a real PITA.

Try straighten up the regulator first, then like Larry said, You should be able to lift the glass up a couple of inches, depends on where the window was before it failed, Then you should be able to disconnect the window from the regulator. The glass is pretty heavy!
Thanks for the advice guys. I lifted it up as much as I could (about 3 inches) and I was able to get a 10mm socket in there and got the regulator disconnected. I sent it out this morning for repair. I expect to have the regulator back by the end of the week and then will get it installed next weekend.
I got bored waiting for the regulator to come back in so I took a couple pictures... :cool:

BTW, does anyone recommend spraying inside the door with any type of aluminum sealant (i.e. aircraft grade)?

The repaired regulator arrived back to me repaired only 3 days after I sent it out! Fast service. I'm going to reinstall this weekend.
Great thread. Thanks for posting the link to Mirror Guard. I'm sending off my driver's side regulator today...

I hope that I have great results like you did! :smile: