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Window Tinting...Opinions Please

24 February 2002
Waterford, MI, USA
I will soon be having the windows in my NSX ('91 black) tinted and I would like some of your opinions on which of the following would look best:

1. Side windows and engine cover glass tinted (as dark as allowable/legal) all the SAME shade or..

2. Side windows tinted (as dark as allowable/legal) and engine cover glass "blacked out" ie. almost Limo tint

The man who will do the tinting has done my previous two cars ('91 CRX, '93 MR2 Turbo) with outstanding results so I am not worried about the quality of the job - just which way would look best.

I have read the info in the FAQ and would value your opinions on what you guys think LOOKS best.


'91 Black/Black
I have 35% on all but the windsheild, and on the back window the film looks much darker due to the black engine cover. I have ivory interior and the door windows still look dark, but I am sure the would appear even darker if you have black interior.

You have had tinited windows in the past, so you probably know what I am about to type.

The type of film you choose is more important than how dark of film you choose. Here is why. If you choose a film that is not of the metalized type it will fade, and does not offer the same level of UV protection. All colored films are of the non-metalized variety and will fade within three years if your car sees lots of sun. If you can find a Lumar or Sunguard Dealer to do your tint work and they are using the good stuff (metalized film) you should receive a waranty card from the film manufacturer that will cover the film from fadding for as long as you own the vehicle. No waranty card means they a probably using a dye base tint and it will fade and maybe even turn that lovely shade of purple you see on old tinit jobs, then again if you are looking for purple buy your tint from Walmart and wait, you will get purple in about 18 mounths.

By the way I have a good friend that has a tint shop using the good stuff, it is not uncommon for him to have to remove the cheap stuff before he puts on the good stuff, Some shops are still selling the cheap stuff without ever letting the customer know the truth about their films. Now you know, so be sure to ask. Purple tint sucks!

Limo tint strip on the top of the windshield looks great and hides the Valentine 1(not metalic tint ,no good for Valentine!)Darkest legal on side windows 35% usually,limo on the small window behind my head,clear (no tint) on the hatch glass to show off lexan hatch and motor (nice touch ) especially because there are a lot of truck drivers who are in AZ and need something to look at when they get bored driving or at lights. :):)

Darkest legal on side windows 35% usually[/QUOTE]

Depends on your state. In Illinois, any tint on the side windows is illegal. (It's permitted on rear side windows for cars that have them.)