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Wire through the firewall?

26 March 2003
Nipomo, CA, USA
I need to get a small diameter cable through the firewall (preferably on the passenger side) in the new NSX. Anybody have any hints on that? The old car had a nice grommeted hole that worked great. Guess I may have to start taking stuff apart and see what I can find... unless someone takes pity on this inept owner (or, more likely, takes pity on the beautiful new car in the hands of said inept owner). Thanks!
Rooted around and did not find an easy way through the firewall. I even drilled a pilot hole, but that was to no avail. So this morning I took the car to an auto stereo installation shop, and they said no problem - they're kind of experts at routing wires through firewalls. I have an appointment in a week for them to do it. If they successfully get my race computer cable through to the front, I'll be a happy camper. I'll let you know what happens...
So the stereo installation guy did the job today - took him about an hour. It's a clean and tidy installation. I looked at it as carefully as I could, and I still don't know how he did it. Those guys are magicians. And I'm patting myself on the back for thinking of that solution rather than still breaking my pick trying to do it myself. It pays to know when to ask for help; so seldom do I do that...
I was hoping you were going to find the route through the firewall. I want to install a radar detector, but like you I cannot find a spot through the firewall.