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wiring harness for steering

30 October 2008
Hi all i am planning to get a nsx r steering as pictured but do i need to buy any wiring or harness kit to swap from my stock steering wheel to this? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
That depends what functionality you want to keep. I'd be surprised if the kit you've shown doesn't include wiring and instructions for the horn at least, since it includes the horn button:
  1. With no airbag, you'll want to jumper the airbag connector as shown in post #7 here to avoid the SRS light in the cluster: https://www.nsxprime.com/threads/so...ttle-buttons-on-the-side.217509/#post-2053763
  2. You might need a small jumper to connect the horn. You can see where that connects on the picture in post #8 on the same thread. You can see the ~5 cm extension I made in post #7 (blue wire, large black rectangular connectors,) but it's just a 1/4" spade connector.
  3. If you want to preserve cruise control, you'll need an accessory external cruise control wiring loom, and possibly new momentary contact switches. I've seen many different ways to do it. The wiring diag for the cruise is pretty simple and shown in post #8 above as well. Here is one option that looks pretty slick to me because it relocates it to the coin tray, but still uses the stock switches I believe: https://www.skyz-design.com/product-page/switchtray-for-nsx But there are a bunch of others as well.
@Honcho, does this thread belong in Gen 1 DIY?
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