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Won't start...need advice please

20 November 2003
Petersham, MA.
After a winter of hibernation, I hooked up the battery and went to start the NSX tonight. The dash lights lit up, but all I got was a couple of "clicks" when I turned the key to start it. So, I put the battery charger on it and went down about 1 hour later and saw that the light on the charger was "green" (usually, the battery holds all or most of the charge all winter..so, I was not surprised when it didn't take long for it to show fully charged).

I try to start the car again, but same results. I then took a spare BMW battery that I have and keep charged, and with my jumper cables hook into the NSX battery. This time the engine turned, but not enough to fire-up the engine (it wouldn't keep turning the starter, just an initial turn and then no more??). Again, it acted as if it wasn't getting enough battery power to engage the starter??

Any ideas as to what the problem might be?? Thanks for any help.

Your battery may be too far gone to take enough charge to start the car. I experienced this with my '92 with an old battery. I tried to hook it up to a good battery with cables and it wouldn't start. I ultimately had to jump start it from another running car to get it too turn over. After replacing the battery, no further problems. By the way, the bad battery I had was purchased new one year earlier, but was found to be defective.
1. Grab the negative terminal firmly. Can you rotate it?

2. Try the positive too.

3. Check the push-on connector for the selonoid, located on the back of the starter (You might need to remove the air cleaner for this)

This is classic for Honda's:).

Thanks for all the help guys... I'll try these things when I get home from work tonight. Also, I went by Mitch's (Metric Mechanics) and picked up a new battery just in case. Hopefully, one of these recommendations should do it.

It was indeed the battery. Put new one in and she fired right up! Thanks again for the help guys.