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World's Lightest Auto Racing Battery

11 April 2006
Hello everyone,

Has anyone use this light weight battery on the NSX? If so, please tell me about it.

I like the 6lbs and 11lbs one but not sure if they will work the same or pretty close to the oem battery.

psl: My NSX has all the oem electronic devices, no mod. I don't plan to use any electronic device while the engine is not running.

Thank you for all the inputs,
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It dies real quick. Not much CCA.

Great on track, might be able to get away with it if you're always in warm weather, never turn off the car to listen to music, and don't leave the car without starting it........ for more than a day.
I have a battery that is very similar to the Braille batteries... the Odyssey 680.

I can leave the car in the garage, untouched for over a week, and it will still start... no problem.

But it is true... do not sit and listen to the radio for several hours... or sit for an hour with the parking lights on.

And yes, cold temperatures reduce its power just like a lead-acid battery.