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Wow! Great deal!

love this build. mean and clean; i think some interior pictures may help with the sale too.

loving the LED taillights on a non-02+ set of taillights.
Depending on Credit Unions they will only finance up to 24 months for early year high mileage NSX's.

My credit union will finance up to 100% of NADA High retail, for up to 60 months on any model year NSX, assuming you meet credit qualifications. That is based on the NSX being considered a "collectors car"..

NADA High retail is 41k on my 92.
Why on earth wouldnt you part out a car like this?
Why on earth wouldnt you part out a car like this?

Agreed. He has quality parts so he'll be able to recoup quite a bit from parting out. It's probably going to be a hassle to remove, list, sell and find replacement OEM parts but I think it'll be well worth the effort.
I've done it before, and it's a pain in the ass. Some people just don't have the time it requires.

Also, I bought a car that was parted out and put back to stock (previous owner had everything CT ever made on it including SC and final drive) and doing that amount of work on it all in one go without thorough test driving in between the reversal of each mod caused some serious problems down the road...

If it's stock, leave it stock. If it's modded, leave it modded. Don't do any hasty tinkering just so you can flip it faster.

This lesson comes dearly bought by yours truly...
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Looks like its sold. Sale pending. Someone got one heck of a car.

Striker... what is the other car under the car cover, in your for sale pictures?
I dont think the OP was saying to 'part out' the car, but was in awe of how many parts were ON the car.

Exactly. I was just referring to the deal someone got on this car. Great parts list and great execution.
Knowing Ron personally, and the car, this car is worth much more to me. It will be weird seeing someone else driving this car than Ron. Whoever bought this car is one lucky guy. Maybe, new owner will introduce himself in one of the "Finally found my dream car" thread. :)