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Wow.. I bought another one... and i have accessory questions

23 November 2001
Lancaster, PA USA
Well.. After my trip to Florida where I escaped the clutches of Luxury Cars of Palm Beach (man what a story there), I found by accident a new YELLOW 01 at Rallye Acura in Long Island NY and bought it today. I want keyless entry and CD changer, but they want 525 for keyless and 1,000 for CD. If they put it in its covered by the 4 year warantee. Should I get the systems from them? or go aftermarket? If aftermarket, I have heard about the special bracket that Acura uses. Where do I get that? or is it not needed. Hoping for some advice. Thanks all

Id go aftermarket (you can do much better than that on the street at least I could)plus if your not paying cash for the entire amount of the vehicle including you wind up paying even more "a lot more".Just my experience.
Congrats'And may the force be w/ you.

PS...Yellow rules!!Good Choice


I'd go to another dealer. I got CD, Keyless (both perfectly installed), Acura cover and bra for less than $1500.

I do like the fact that they are covered under warranty. Good luck

'00 Candy Apple Blue / Black, #264
beat the dealer down, the four year warranty is worth alot. CD likely go bad after a few years especially in hot weather. also keyless entry. after-market fitment, if something go wrong, the outfit may not be in business. just wheel and deal. during January, best time to work a good deal. normally no-one buy a super car now.
Pacau wrote:
>>CD likely go bad after a few years especially in hot weather

This has not been my experience. The CD player in my 91 works perfectly 10 years after it was installed. Half that time has been spent in the warm southeast climate. YMMV.
in HK, the summer temp get to be 35C, or 90F plus. try leaving the car under the sun, your CDs will go warp on you. also as the changer is in the trunk, the heat generated by driving in the city will heat up all the elements in there, including the unit. good you have no such problem but factory warranty with the unit is worth bargaining on.
Or you can buy an Alpine CD changer for under $200 and install it yourself. Then you can order the factory keyless module for around $300 and install that yourself too. Bothe of these DIY are very easy and require no special tools.

Just some cost saving ideas that work!
I would go aftermarket.I got a great alpine cd player for about $200 installed.It's so easy the wire is in the trunk ready to be connected to the cd player.Don't pay $1000. Congrats on the nsx!
You can't just plug in an Alpine CD changer into a 97+ NSX. Acura changed the wiring so you'd have to use their changers. However, there are adapters you can get to make them work, which is probably still cheaper than having the dealer do it.
FYI Mike, there's a 2002 Yellow NSX down in Timonium. I was checking it out last night. I like how they redid the backend, but I'm not totally sold on the new headlights. Just thought I'd mention it in case you haven't seen the 2002's yet in person.
To tell you the truth, i'm not wild about the light. I'm really happy to have gotten a yellow 2001. Beceides the money I saved, I really do like the looks of the old flip up lights better. I do plan to add HID bulbs; the real ones.. not he fake higher wattage bulbs.