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WOW..now even Ebay has fraud NSX for sale

A couple of real funny items I noticed -

The back ground of the PICS would clearly indicate that the car is "NOT" in Newton, MA :wink:

and also

can you imagine having such nice cars and tossing your keys, phone and pager on it - take a look at the Ferrari pic :smile:
What's really bad is that there are seven bids for it...
I think maybe to have the real one and fake one running within a few days is maybe a little out of the ordinary, but I agree there are many fakes out there.
I like how the fake seller blacked out the license plates so he could try and be slick. :mad:
It is really great that the NSX community is so small and that is generally easy to find fraud sales if you are on prime. Some prospective buyers may not always be as lucky as us, but it scary how much easier it would be to rip people off on a car that had bigger production numbers like an M3, Z, etc...
hahaha real slick by covering the plates.

yeah all these fraud NSX's for sale makes me mad...feel sorry for the next guy that falls for it