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WP Pro 6 Piston BBK with E Brake, Introductory pricing

FYI Stoptech has been making e brakes for the past few months. Myself and a friend just got ours. You should order some.

For the record stoptechs are probably about 3mm or so wider than Wp pro. My previous wheels which cleared with no spacer now need a 3mm spacer with Stoptech. So a plus is that you can fit slightly less aggressive wheels on your Wp pro making them more desirable since I hate wheels with poke or rub.
The only things I have to complain about on my kit are:

Weak e-brake
Bleeder valves seep and thus require traditional bleeding techniques
Anno fading

other than that I really haven't had any issue with my 336mm steel kit.

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^NSXs boiled dot4 fluid in OEM brakes?

No this was private event with all makes and models, I was the only NSX there. I guess I should have been more clear. 8-\
Let's be real. If you're not tracking the car hard core at high speed tracks and aren't that experienced, ANY of these kits provide more than enough power and as Billy had previously stated, the bias probably isn't that critical on an ABS system. Yoi can also change bias by pads and if you've modified the car's weight balance or tires, the optimum bias calculated by Stoptech may no longer apply. Too much concern for a situation that will probably never happen.

To sam's credit, he has never completely ignored my issues long term, it's just like pulling teeth to get anything resolved and I just have no trust in things he said as Stephen pointed out. Lots of excuses. Habitual. He is still trying to get me pads to clean the deposits off the rotors to alleviate the vibration. I really like their newest caliper, the EX-3D. Someone there actually cares more about performance. It's the other things that fail to be excellent like brackets and e-brakes and stuff. They are a real mixed bag of good and bad. Sam has eaten 3 sets of calipers so far because of his own mistakes and it will probably be a 4th. He isn't a crook. There's just a level of incompetence. That's what kills it. If Brandon was the direct guy out of WP most of these problems wouldn't exist. I'm sure there's only so much he can do. I used to have a basic Stoptech ST40 setup, not even a trophy. Damn that kit was good and problem free other than an e-brake cable that was too long and hung too low. Some zip ties fixed that. I do love the feel of these ceramics at around lap 5... Incredible... I've pulled off all cooling ducts. Even the small OEM one. They just like heat. And I love the weight, 50% of the smaller Stoptech. If I can resolve these issues of pad deposits and e-brake they can be terrific. I've noticed no bleeding from the nipples. Yet...

Part of my vibration is my own fault for not taking the bed-in serious enough. Bedding in carbon ceramics requires ridiculous speeds. I just had no place to do this. Pads and rotors should be bed at the factory. You can't ask an owner to do 30 max effort stops on the street, ten of them from well over 100 MPH. I can't even do that on the track. Bed-in is a huge issue.
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How much power are you making? What tires? Are you braking from high speeds, on a mountain road, on track?

Turbo - Where did I say bias isn't that critical on ABS systems? It's still pretty important.

Low boost ctsc with just about every other bolt on so maybe ~330-340whp ish, was on track for 20 minute sessions, mostly 80-110mph braking zones (10 turns). Tires weren't R-comps or anything special since I didn't plan on running the car to begin with.

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit if you want the track layout, many downhill braking zones so it's known to be hard on brakes.
330-340whp would probably heatsoak down to NA power levels pretty quickly. That track isn't too hard on brakes so unless you're very experienced, I think good pads and fluid would be sufficient. Having said that, a 13" front brembo or ST wouldn't be a bad idea.
How much power are you making? What tires? Are you braking from high speeds, on a mountain road, on track?

Turbo - Where did I say bias isn't that critical on ABS systems? It's still pretty important.

You said it's less important on a car with ABS, that an advanced ABS system tends to make it less critical to get that bias perfect. Is that not true? I can look for that post.
It's critical without ABS but still very important to not overwork and hurt braking performance by the ABS constantly fighting and blowing off pressure from a poor bias. Ya, try to find that post. Maybe it's out of context or I was just wrong.