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WTB: Alternator Rubber Boot

26 March 2009
I am looking for the rubber boot piece that covers alternator wire. Thanks


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I've seen someone else with this damaged as well. Is it available as a separate part? As I recall, I could not find it in oemacuraparts or amayama parts diagrams for them.
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You have to buy the whole wire harnesses to get this boot. I have seen someone used rubber epoxy “sugru” to patch it up, cut and sand it to shape and spray plasti dip black.
Unfortunately, the boot comes with the entire harness. You may want to reach out to some of the NSX-focused wrecking yards like AH Parts. Or, I bet that the boot is common among Hondas of the same generation. How much you want to bet you could find that boot on a Legend or Integra at your local pick and pull? :)

Edit: you could go aftermarket too: https://www.amazon.com/Dorman-85684...ocphy=9028749&hvtargid=pla-571260946781&psc=1
that amazon link rubber boot doesn’t fit. I purchased one and is way too small. I might try to fix mine with silicon glue and post an update later
You can do a passable job with electrical tape if you plan it out. Go over the top first with 2 layers, perpendicular to the side opening, leaving the tape ends along the bottom. Then go along the bottom to cover all of those ends, leaving the ends on the tube for the side opening. Then wrap the tube for the side opening and cover those ends. Use a good tape like Scotch Super 33+ or even 88.

But definitely better if an Integra or Legend part from a wrecker fit. I do remember looking at Amazon & the like for something that would substitute without success.
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The part appears to be a Sumitomo 7210-0197.

Maybe post some debossed numbers on your car?

That diamond cross-hatch debossed logo is Sumitomo.

This site states they have 510 in stock https://teamequip.com/sumitomo-7210-0197-428644/

If that doesn't work I would bark up CycleTerminal for help. I check out the next KA7 Legend that comes my way...
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