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WTB Left Rear Brake Caliper for 1997-2005 3.2 Liter NSX

5 May 2002
Southern California
Looking for a new or used OEM left rear brake caliper assembly (ideally with bracket) for a 1997-2005 NSX with 3.2 liter engine. Glad to buy either the ‘97-‘01 natural colored version or the ‘02-‘05 gold colored version. Located in Southern California but willing to pay shipping. Thanks!
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Thanks, Drew. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s out of stock and won’t let me add to cart. I’ve been searching with the various remanufactured retailers, but no luck. I was able to get the right rear caliper as a reman Centric part a couple months ago, but can’t seem to find the left side to complete the pair :frown:
Actually, I have a ‘91 and I’m looking for the caliper in order to upgrade to the larger factory brakes on the ‘97+ models. I already have the other three corners, so just need this last caliper to finish the puzzle! :smile:
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Well Christmas came a little early for me, I was finally able to find the elusive caliper and it arrived today. Many thanks to Christian, or as I now call him, Santa Claus, with ATR Racing in Austria :) He had the caliper in stock, new from Honda, and was able to get it to me in 5 days from the time of order… awesome! If anyone else is having trouble finding these, I highly recommend you give Christian a try! His website: https://www.nsx-parts.com