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Yellow Owners Question

21 August 2000
W Palm Beach, Fl USA
I am trying to decide between Silverstone metallic and Spa Yellow. I was wondering if anyone with yellow has gotten tired of it and wished they had bought another color.
Talk to G-Man....he's been raving about the yellow and I seriously doubt he's tired of it. If I remember correctly, he even started a thread about who wishes they bought yellow.

Anyway, I find both colors to be absolutely stunning. I get excited whenever I see them in person. If I had it to do all over again, I probably would have ended up with either Silverstone (though I suspect I would have gone for Kaiser if it was still available) or Spa Yellow as they've both become my faves.

That said, I have no regrets about going red and, normally not being a fan of yellow cars, I probably would have gotten tired of yellow. But man is it THE car if you want one that grabs attention, even when surrounded by NSXs of all colors.

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."
I purchased a '99 Spa Yellow NSX-T last December and I love it. It's a gorgeous color, very exotic, and gets a lot of attention. I think yellow is a better color for the NSX over red, blue, black or white.

In my opinion, the silver is the next best color for the NSX
I recently looked at a silver 2000 NSX-T and it was excellent. I don't think you can go wrong with either a yellow or silver NSX.

I only wish that the orange color that's available with the S-Zero was available in North America.

- Stephen

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Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! I can't put into words how great the black top looks against the yellow body. I have always loved yellow, but when I saw a 00 NSX-T in yellow this past weekend, it was not what I expected. A little too much yellow and not enough of 'something' else, to give it some balance. The coupe is the answer IMO. Plus, with only one in existence, who could ask for more?
I spent 1 1/2 years searching for the right yellow NSX-T. I purchased a used 1997 NSX-T form a guy who in 14 months drove 2832 miles.This was obvious "The" car.Yellow is such a head turner.I was at a Acura dealership this last week.They had a blue and silver both.There was 3 customers in a 20 minute span that was asking how much is the yellow NSX.Another reason why yellow is great is it wont show dirt and minor scratches as well as a darker colors will.
If I had to do it all over again(which I might) I again would pick yellow.
Well, since this question was almost tailor made for me, I think I will put in my $0.02.

I am very happy that I bought yellow. (period). I am with Akira3D when he says that Kaiser Silver was a favorite too. I think any body color that is also the wheel color looks VERY NICE. I think the NSX-R that was White with White wheels also looks nice. The Silvers looks epsecially good like that.

With that said, I just spent the whole day Friday swapping spots on the Race Track with a Fly Yellow Ferrari 360 Coupe. Even the not-so-humble Ferrari owner had to comment on how remarkable the metal flake was in the Spa Yellow paint scheme on the NSX.
The Ferrari paint job kind of just lays there.

I do have to admit that with my top on, the NSX-T in yellow can be a bit much. I think you will all agree that with the top out, it looks even better. I have not ever really been a fan of the black roofed coupes, but I can see that it really does pay hommage to the original design intent of the car and nicely breaks the lines.

I almost bought red or black, and even considered silver, but I am really glad that I bought yellow.
There is also less of a chance to see yourself coming and going.

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51 Yellow/Black