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Yet another headroom topic...

10 August 2000
I am really having a dilemma here: need to solve my headroom issue so that I can fit a helmet. Too much of a wimp to experiment with the interior of my Y2K NSX.

* If any of you have made the foam-reduction procedure on the OEM seats, how has it held up after some time? Does the seat still look / feel reasonable or does it get all saggy / wrinkled, etc?

* If I go with the approach of getting a Sparco or such seat to install just for the track - will the custom mounts required for that still allow the OEM seat to be reinstalled?

* What do you think the likelyhood would be of finding a used OEM seat and then modify that instead? Are the mounts common throughout all the years?
I have momo bucket seat on my car. Yes, the custom mount will come off easily, and u can put the stock back in. To get more headroom, I would think u need to get a bucket seat. Not adjustable race/street seat such as Sparco Torino. The pads, are so thick, I don't think it will improve at all.
The easiest thing to do is to remove the headliner from the top. Is it a "T"? If so a friend of mine does this in 10 minutes before track events, and restores the headliner at the end of the track day. If you are tracking the car you certainly are not a "wimp", so give up the "wimpyness" now and take the headliner out;-). Removing the seat cushion could leave you with a pretty soar back at the end of the day. My understanding is the seat will feel like you are sitting in a bucket.

If you are interested private me and I will get you in touch with the headliner miester!!


Thanks for the replies - I actually sat on the driveway for some time tonight playing with seat settings and Top on / off combinations while wearing a helmet.

As if my neighbours didn't think I was weird enough, I realized after a while that, even without the key in the ignition, the brake lights come on when the pedal is pressed - just got a laugh out of it - nosy folks wondering why I'm wearing a helmet and hitting the brakes in a parked car...

In any event, I think I'll venture to the Sunday track event in the best seat position I found tonight, top on. Got a couple of days to get used to it.

Larry, you bring out an interesting option about the headliner, can you put me in touch with your friend? Playing with the helmet tonight I'll be banging the top no matter what.

And BTW, are you by any chance the same Larry Bastanza that works at NBA Studios off Jersey? If so I'm the ScheduALL guy still fighting the PeopleSoft implementation, you've met me - I'm the guy who stands in front and argues at those huge mahogany table meetings....
No, I am not the NBA Studio's guy. Are you sure his name is "Bastanza"? I only know of three Bastanza'a in the USA, My Father, Brother and I. If there are more I'd like to know!!

Anyway, I will get you a contact in regard to the liner ASAP. I have seen my freind do this, and a phillips screwdriver is all you need. Once the liner is out, there are two foam pads in the roof between the metal and the liner, so your head is not banging on the roof metal. Do you have a service manual? I am sure a blow-up of the roof is in there.

Hi again, Larry - I'll have to double check the spelling of the other guy's name. Would have been too much of a coincidence.

No, I don't have a service manual yet - any kind souls out there with one and a scanner for that blow-up of the T?
No time to scan right now but here's a "good enough" photo of the service manual page. It's a big file so be patient.