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Yokohama Tyre/Wheel Link

1 December 2000
Hey Guys here's a link for you all to enjoy.
It's in Japanese but the pictures and info need no translations.Here's how to check out the wheels.
After clicking the link below. In the red section click "Tyre&Wheel"
Count down to the 6th selection;(picture of mag wheel)
Now click on Japanese Text between "PARADA" and "SHOP"
The wheels are available,though pricing will vary depending on currency and shipping.The NSX pictured w/Model 5 is the Phase Kit if your wondering,which is also available.
thanks for the link Bruce, it worked out great.

Do you know what size Model 5 wheels/tires are on the blue NSX?

Also who is the Distributor for Yokohama in the U.S.?


<A HREF="http://www.guam.net/home/superg/nsxtasy.htm" TARGET=_blank>
I can get these direct from Japan.We just got a set of Model 5 19" for a Supra.The NSX featured has(F)18x8-30 offset w/225/40/18,(R)19x10-45 offset w/275/30/19
The NSX featured has(F)18x8-30 offset w/225/40/18,(R)19x10-45 offset w/275/30/19

Don't those sizes cause problems with the TCS? The increase in the outer diameter in front (8.7 percent) over stock is WAY bigger than the increase in the rear (2.6 percent).
Andrie is right the kit has wider front fenders.The kit is available in fiberglass for almost half the price.Unless you don't want to paint the pieces,I wouldn't recommend carbon fiber.Carbon fiber is actually LESS impact resistant than fiberglass is, and in reality can only be as strong as the resin being used.
I'm not recommending the 18-19 set-up nor am I against it. Though this combo. has been done with satifactory results. I've heard of this TCS rumor w/big wheels but haven't experienced anything personally.Has anyone experienced a problem relating to this?