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Your opinion please...

Originally posted by Poloman:

What do you guys think?

Date Reported:    Odometer Reading:
* 05/11/1992      934
* 09/27/1994      2,402
* 06/02/1995      4,535
* 08/20/1998      16,730
* 09/17/1998      16,325
Actually, Carfax looks like it is missing a bunch of inspections.

The history is pretty incomplete though, and it seems odd that the mileage went down between August and September of 98. I wonder if that is a misprint? Carfax should have caught that...

Im always a little wary of cars that have big history gaps, or are not up to date, or have been retitled a lot in a short period of time.
Just to give the car the benefit of the
doubt... I guess that last entry could have
been 16825. They may have read it wrong at
the DMV.

Why would anyone wind back a car 400 miles?
I WOULD ask to see oil change receipts to
confirm this however...

The Comptech strut bar is installed backwards. As a result you can see some of the annodized finish has been worn off from the engine cover prop rod mount because as a result of being installed backwards, the cutout for the prop rod mount is on the wrong side facing the wrong way.

While the car looks pretty clean in the photos, really basic things like that being wrong always make me wonder...
It's interesting that they put it up without a reserve price on the auction, and without a high starting price. Brave.

BTW, the "Comptech brakes" do not appear to be their big brake kit.

It's got some non-matching floor mat, and the trunk mat (I'm assuming that's the background for the photo of the key) is in black, instead of ivory to match the interior.
I saw this car at auction in PA in Aug. 2001. If I remember correctly, the entire car had been repainted. It was a pretty good job, though and I don't think it was due to major accident damage. (may have been keyed, oxidized, etc). The car looked pretty good and he wanted around $38-40k for it at that time. It had all those stickers on the window since then. I also remember the interior wasn't as clean as it looks in the pictures. I think the seller said something about this being his personal show vehicle.

I wouldn't worry about the Carfax report. The inspections are something mandatory in many east coast states. It's basically like our smog and safety over here but they go more in depth and check things like tires, etc. The mileage discrepency is probably an error on the DMV or carfax' fault. It could also be a reporting error on the dealer's part but I believe the miles are actual. I didn't check that car too thoroughly because I wasn't interested in the SC.

Seems like a decent car for the money. I don't believe the "no reserve" part, though. You can count on someonw bidding on it for him.
Originally posted by nsxtasy:
It's interesting that they put it up without a reserve price on the auction, and without a high starting price. Brave.


Not too brave really. A lot of people these days post no reserve. If the auction is ending too low, they have someone (or even themselves under another name) bid it up really high. Then it closes.. the owner/friend wins (due to not enough money) and two weeks later the car is relisted stating the buyer had financial issues or something like that. Tricky guys!

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I totally agree with the notion that the seller must have a friend bidding on this car.

If we are correct, these guys don't deserve to have an NSX.

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