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Zaino recommends using Dawn?

26 September 2005

Q: Ok, I just received my Zaino products. What should I do to my paint before applying my Zaino?

A: The first thing you should do is wash your vehicle thoroughly with Dawn (or comparable) dish soap to remove any wax, grease, and oil from your paint. Then, my recommendation is to use Z-18 ClayBar to remove any bonded surface contaminants such as rail dust, tree sap, bug marks, or hard water deposits from the paint before applying any of your Zaino products.Using Clay is optional, but it really does make a difference!!

According to the dealer and several people in the detailing business using dishwashing soaps such as Dawn is not safe especially on cars with recent paint work or original paint.
It's used once, not every time you wash. I've never had any ill effects of washing the car with Dawn prior to the initial application of Zaino. For subsequent washings use Z-7 or whatever carwash liquid you prefer.
The reason they want you to use Dawn is because it is dishwashing soap (designed to break down grease and fats) It will also strip wax off your car. The reason they want you to use it is to remove any other type of wax on there. Once you wax your car dont use Dawn again, otherwise you just wasted all that hard work of waxing your car. It wont hurt the paint.
I would not use dawn or cotton towels for that matter so there are two things on Sal's instructions I don't agree with.
Some car soaps are stronger than others if you want to strip or protect your wax. NXT is a stronger version.
A 50/50 water and Isopropyl alcohol solution misted on your clean car and removed with a soft MF towel will remove more wax than dawn.
Even better a paint cleaner (chemical cleaner) or polish (abrasive) will remove it for sure.
Leave the dawn in the kitchen.

I used it a long time ago to remove wax on a car and it didn't after a few washes. Maybe it isn't as strong as it was when Sal wrote those instructions. :confused:
I zaino all my cars. I always start with Dawn. It might take a couple of washes, but it works. I follow Zaino instructions to a T. The cars look good and the Zaino lasts forever.
I've been using the "Z" stuff for over 5 years and have followed the "dawn" instruction with no ill results. I believe though that it is recommended for the initial wash to help remove whatever is on there before using the Zaino, afterwards Z7 is the wash soap.
Dawn takes grease out of your way:wink: ....it also removes the old wax so the Zaino can bond to the paint. I agree with these guys. I have always followed Zaino's instructions to the T. Even when I use other synthetics. ie Wolfgang.