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  1. K

    91' NSX RWD (Black 5-speed/Manual 133k miles)

    *113k miles, $45k asking. Has a good amount of mods. 5 owners too. Just trying to see if this might be a good deal...
  2. L

    Exterior WTB NSX F16 canopy car cover

    Hi, I want to buy a NSX F16 canopy car cover (see attached photo below). I'm interested in new or used clean good condition. You can private message me or email me at [email protected]. Let me know if you have one for sale, thanks.
  3. M

    Exterior Arclight Lumi-R Tailights $1,350

    These are BRAND NEW and UNUSED. I haven't even ever taken them out of the box they were shipped in. Bought them a couple years ago for a project that never happened so I'm just trying to get some extra money for my current project. When I bought them it was #18 out of 20 made. Don't know if more...
  4. N

    NEW NSX Owner UK

    Hi all, Always wanted an NSX, so here we are. Changed from a 2017 GTR prestige edition. Car details: 2016 NSX finished in Berlina Black (non metallic) w/1.9K on the clock: Standard features: - 3.5 V6 Twin turbo w/hybrid drive 575PS - 9 speed DCT w/manual paddle shift - SH-AWD system -...
  5. Arkaid

    Suspension JRZ RS Coilovers w/ Hyperco Springs and JRZ Top Mounts

    Hello Prime - I am selling my JRZ RS coilovers. These are an outstanding setup (as is well-evidenced by many on the forum), but I’ve got two sets of suspension and am not using these. Shocks: JRZ RS Two Top Mounts: JRZ spherical pillow-ball Springs: Hyperco 550/450 w/ helper springs Location...
  6. Arkaid

    Arkaid's '98 NA2 Coupe Build Thread

    Hey guys, it’s about time I started a build thread. I always end up getting too far into builds before I have a chance to fully record all the steps, but wanted to start this one before I get too far in (only a year lol). I came from the BMW world (current E46 and E30 M3 owner), but the NSX...
  7. Arkaid

    Exterior Downforce NSX-R Battery and Bumper Undertray Set (91-01 NSX) - SoCal

    SOLD Up for sale is my Downforce NSX-R undertray setup for a 91-01 NSX. This was on my car when I purchased it. The undertray setup eliminates the open space under the battery tray in the car and was designed to be used in conjunction with the NSX-R hood to direct air through the hood duct. The...
  8. Arkaid

    Wheels BBS LM NSX Spec - 17x7.5 / 18x9 w/ AD08R Tires - SoCal

    SOLD Hi all - up for sale are my original BBS LM in NSX-specific fitment. These wheels took me a long time to find and are my one of my favorite sets of wheels I’ve owned, but I'm going to permanently stay with my 16/17 setup on my car, so will no longer run these. Specs: LMP076 / LMP077...
  9. R

    Literally any NSX under 35k

    I'd hope you guys could help me in a search for a NSX that preferably has a clean history, but whatever will do. I just like something that isn't too beaten up. Also I'd prefer under 200k miles. Although it's a long shot, I hope y'all could help me out. I am near Houston, just in case some...
  10. NSXVice

    Any info on this NSX JH4NA1266MT002512?

    I was thinking of possibly pursuing this Silver/Black 91' auto NSX. https://www.autoblog.com/used-detail-5798720071622178550-Acura-NSX-1991 I have seen it come up for sale in MD and NJ on here in the past. I have messaged the previous sellers, but was wondering if anyone had any info or...
  11. etang789

    Coolant leak from engine block

    Found a cap on the engine block with some coolant leak. Not sure if there is a gasket inside or O Ring or just simple gasket sealant? Can someone tell me which parts is needed or how to fix this can't find any diagram for this section...
  12. G

    Bought my first NSX at 23!

    Hi everyone! I finally pulled the trigger on my first NSX after dreaming of owning one since I was in high school. It is a 1991 NSX 5MT - Formula red on black/red interior. The car is bone stock except for an axle back exhaust. Timing belt, water pump and new clutch put in last year at 108k...
  13. N-Wing

    OEM Bumper Paint Peel! Paint Prep? Maybe Transferred Tag??

    NSX Body Shop Experts, what are your thought on this? This bumper has my correct VIN tag on it so I suspect it was the original unless someone transferred the tag. Surprise for me! NOTE: I didn't title or spruce up the video. It a direct up load so not so clean...
  14. Arkaid

    FS: New Cedar Ridge Front Non-Compliance Clamps, H&R Rear 25MM Spacers - Socal

    Selling my extra non-compliance clamps and spacers as I won't be needing them. Items are either like new or brand new in box. Since they're small I can bring both items up to NSXPO and give to you in person if easier. SOLD - Cedar Ridge Non-Compliance Front Pivot Clamps - $160. Brand new and...
  15. N-Wing

    Bumper Damage: Repair or Replace?

    The below video shows my front upper bumper which is damaged in two places. The question is, do I repair or replace? I'm leaning toward repair to retain the VIN tagged part (my bottom doesn't seem to have one) but I don't want any issues. My plan for the winter is to repair or replaces this...
  16. N-Wing

    NSX Bumper Removal Instructions (1991-2001)

    I had to remove my front bumper to fix and issue (and probably get it re-sprayed). I didn't see any video DYI's so I documented the process to support the "team". The video complete so you will not need the service manual or the NSXPrime Wiki. I hope this helps. PM me with any questions or...
  17. Arkaid

    Wheels Yokohama Advan AD08R 215/40/17x2 255/35/18 x2 - SoCal

    Tire: Yokohama Advan AD08R Sizes: 215/40/17 x2, 255/35/18x2 Tread Depth: 7/32(F), 8/32(R) Price: $400 Hi Prime - selling my extra set of AD08R as I just sold my wheels. The tires are in excellent condition with no cuts or scratches. The rears have a 2015 date code and the fronts are 2016. They...
  18. RC-DEVIL

    Exhaust ScienceofSpeed Exhaust Adaptor Kit (2000-2005)

    Adapter kit from SOS for 2000-2005 NSX. has ~1000 miles on them, complete with bolts. PN#-eap-492 $150 shipped USA. SOLD SOLD SOLD this is so you can use NA1 exhausts on NA2 Paypal, Check, etc. Pictured below in the box.
  19. Arkaid

    Brakes Titaniumdave Brembo “F-50 / Lotus” Brake Kit w/ Brembo E-Brake

    SOLD Up for sale is my Titaniumdave / Cedar Ridge-designed Brembo F-50 / Lotus BBK that was on my previous NSX when I purchased it. I was planning to keep this setup for my coupe, but I’m running a 16” front wheel and this kit requires a 17” wheel to work. Our own fellow Primer Titandiumdave...
  20. Arkaid

    Wheels Prodrive GC-07C 17x7.5 +35 / 18x9.5 +15 w/ Advan AD08R - SoCal

    SOLD Hi all - up for sale are my Prodrive GC-07C. These wheels are awesome, lightweight, difficult to find (particularly the front spec) and some of my favorites for the NSX, but I'm going to a 16/17 setup on my car and no longer need these. Specs: 17x7.5 +35 / 18x9.5 +15 Finish: British...
  21. nsxot1c

    Wheels 17/18 Advan AVS Model 5 Complete Set Silver 17x8 18x10 NSX Specific Fitment

    Super Rare Advan AVS MODEL 5 17/18 Bright Silver in NSX double staggered fitment This is my last set of wheels I have held onto for my NSX due to rarity in unicorn sizing (18x10 +45mm is IMPOSSIBLE to find) but I've decided to let them go. Complete set. 2-Front 2-Rear + caps/center cap bolts...
  22. Arkaid

    Odyssey PC680 Battery Mount

    SOLD Selling a battery holder for the Odyssey PC680 lightweight battery to mount in an NSX - I believe it is one of the old Dali mounts. This was in my car when I purchased it and I have since gone back to the OEM battery so I no longer need this. I will include the metal jacket for the PC680...
  23. Arkaid

    Interior OEM Ivory Seats, $500 - SoCal

    SOLD Up for sale are my OEM Ivory seats. I purchased these from a local owner and was going to use them for an interior project, but I ended up not needing them. The seats are in fair condition overall - the passenger side is in good condition, but the driver's side seat has seen better days...
  24. R

    Wheels Tsw wheels and yokohama s drive tires

    I'm getting a new set of wheels and tires for my NSX and would like to sell the old ones. The fronts are 215/40 R 17 87W and the rears are 245/40R 18 97W. The Yokohama tires have less than 3000 miles, fairly new. PRICE $1100 OBO. Located in Santa Monica. Text at 310 980-6423
  25. D

    Interior NSX2S2K - S2000 Cluster Conversion Kit (Complete 91-94 kit with AP2 cluster)

    *** SOLD *** I'm selling a complete S2000 Cluster Conversion Kit. I was one of the first 3 customers. This kit has been upgraded to the newest version. Comes with the following: Plug and Play conversion kit by Johan@SjoebergDP...