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  1. oscar_driver

    Some of my Epic Rolling Shots

    As some of you know, I have been taken photos for a while, then finally I decided to make a series just for the rolling shots .. I know some photos are dramatic/Photoshopped but that was the whole idea, pure drama, so it is a honor to share with you all! Whole SERIES are here: Moyano...
  2. G

    My personal Best at Willow Springs 1:42.57

    Had a Great time at Willow Springs last weekend. Set my personal best there. Car felt great and really getting more comfortable there. Thank you for watching.
  3. G

    Rarity of dealership poster?

    I have what Ive been told is a 2005 NSX poster. Im curious as to how rare this thing might be. http://wavemadison.net/nsx1.jpg http://wavemadison.net/nsx2.jpg thanks!
  4. WashabiS2K

    Wheels FS: Very Aggressive 18" BBS LM's Authentic with Centercaps and Tires

    It's finally time to post these wheels up for sale. First off, I have received literally hundreds of PMs regarding the wheels on the car including various questions of how I got them to fit, what the specs are, etc. etc. so I will go ahead and clear all of that info up in this for sale post. My...
  5. A

    1996 nsx-t, red/black, 28,700 miles!!! Stock!!

  6. A

    Gruppe M intake/V2 exhaust for sale!

    Gruppe M V2 exhaust for sale! (Price Adjustment) Gruppe M V2 Exhaust - I bought this exhaust used about 1 year ago, the miles are unknown but I have put about 2000 miles on it, it is in great working condition. I am selling this exhaust because I'm selling my NSX soon or else this would be THE...
  7. O

    Video of the new NSX concept from SEMA

    Hey guys, I don't post on here often, but I have a video of the new NSX from SEMA 2012 and thought you guys might like to see. It's actually the one Tony Stark drove in Iron man or the avengers, can't remember which. I also have a lot more videos and some really nice pictures from SEMA but...
  8. qu1Z

    Marco Island NSX Meet!

    Inviting everyone to a nice lunch for NSX, GTR and Lotus owners! This Sunday, Dec 16th in Marco Island, FL. 11:30 AM at NeNe's Kitchen (Best hot dogs). RSVP Here: https://www.facebook...01792723234551/ Parking is limited! Just a fun lunch to talk about cars, enjoy the island, etc...
  9. oscar_driver

    2012 South Florida Exotic Car "Toy Rally", to benefit Toys for Tots!

    South Florida Exotic Car 1 "Toy Rally", to benefit Toys for Tots! PART ONE: The drive, the arrival at The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa, gathering and departure Hello guys, once again we were honored to be part of the South Florida Toys for Tots! http://www.toyrally.com/ this year there were...
  10. Midnight_Raven

    NSX Video findings

    Okay so as some of you guys know. I randomly check youtube, vimeo, etc for videos with NSX content in it. Today I came upon a video of a NSX at Fuji Speedway. Appears to be really fast considering it looks like he caught up and flew past (almost crashed into as well) a Ferrari 458 Italia. Hope...
  11. s2ktaxi

    2000 NSX Coupe Silverstone/Onyx 28k mi JH4NA2130YT000127

    2000 NSX Coupe in Silverstone w/Onyx interior (yes, one of those rare ones!) Seattle, WA 28,000 miles OEM Type-S/Zanardi suspension OEM Type-S/Type R mesh engine cover OEM Type-S/Zanardi BBS wheels (2 of them have some chips in the paint on a few spokes but no curb rash) OEM Type-S/Zanardi...
  12. J

    1993 Grand Prix White/Black 79k, Vin: JH4NA1157PT000202

    1993 Grand Prix White/Black 79k, Manual, Vin: JH4NA1157PT000202 -Year: 1993 Model: NSX Full VIN #: JH4NA1157PT000202 Exterior: Grand Prix White Interior: Onyx Mileage: 79,XXX Transmission: Manual Location: Bay Area, CA Contact VIA: PM Price: $37,000 Number of Owners: 4 Title: Clean Carfax...
  13. NSX1145

    Coming Soon NSX GT Aluminum Coolant Tanks

    SCW Performance NSX GT Aluminum Coolant Tanks (Info)I was directed this way by several members about producing a limited run of our Aluminum Coolant Tanks for the NSX. We have the ability to produce these with exceptional quality and reasonable pricing compared to other companies out there. As I...

    Tuned an NSX-R GT with ITBs!!

    As maybe only a small hand full of you already know I work at Trackforged. Even in the automotive performance industry a well built NSX is still just as exciting as it is for most people. anyway enough of my blabing, we tuned Dan's NSX last week and I through a few clips together and put it on...
  15. WashabiS2K

    Interior Pair of Bride Pro Leather Bucket Seats w/ NSX Bride Rails - SF Bay Area

    Hey everyone, I have a pair of Bride Pro's (discontinued) in black leather with red stitching. They are in pretty good shape, a couple of little imperfections, but only on the back side of the seats. No large tears or rips, just one or two small punctures (smaller than a size of a dime) on the...
  16. OKI-BOY

    AEM Water Meth Kit 4sale...

    AEM Water Meth Kit/Sold - - - Updated - - - Mounting brackets included.
  17. 0

    DEALER LISTING 2005 NSX Silver/Silver Must vin JH4NA21695S000025 Rebuilt Title

    Dealer listing 2005 Acura NSX-T Mileage 70,500 Vin#JH4NA21695S000025 Silverstone Silver Exterior and silver interior TRANSMISSION: 6 speed Manual Cleveland, TN CONTACT VIA [email protected] or call 423-790-0990 PRICE $46000 OBO CLEAN TITLE? ____ Rebuilt title have photos of before...
  18. R

    Custom Rims Size Question

    Hello, I want to change my standard 1996 Acura NSX-T rims to custom rims and I have a question about what size I should get them. At the wheel shop they recommended I get size 19X8 wheels 215x35x19 for the front and 19x10.5 wheels 275x35x19 for the rear, Continental tires. Is there any...
  19. oscar_driver

    My, NSX Red 97 now on M5's !

    Howdy, so this time I had to do this as I have being waiting for YEARS on this, you all remember red 97 NSX, with my 02+ wheels - total LOVE- .... I was very torn, with this new look (down bellow), and here proves my point, the 02+ NSX wheels are one of the most beautiful wheels ver made by...
  20. Matt@LoveFab

    New changes coming to LoveFab Customer Service

    Hey everyone I wanted to create this thread to introduce myself and let you know a few changes that will be coming from Love Fab, Inc. My name is Matt Wiley first and formost and I am not a stranger to the NSX platform, but my background is in Ferrari and oddly enough Subaru. I am hopping on...
  21. S

    Phoenix SuperCar Ride - Oct. 27, 2012

    My friend Dan Michael rode in my Yellow '02 NSX on this ride along with ten other fabulous NSX's. As well as a few other nice cars. When he got back, he took some videos he took along with a few of my stills and created the summary you can see in the attached. I think he did an awesome job...
  22. G

    Last Weekend WSIR video

    Hey guys just sharing a lap at Willow Springs here. Also I did a side by side compasion with the RDX injector upgrade. You can find that here. Hope to see some X's at buttonwillow in Nov!
  23. oscar_driver

    End of Summer Roof top photos

    I know I have posted my car before, and also I know I got nothing really new to show, but I thought some might like this photos. I got this new camera and this was my first NSX only photo session, if any local South Florida NSX owner want some photos, contact me! :) Sun was brutal! and so...
  24. R

    Interior WTB 1991 SRS Control Module Honda P/N 77932-SL0-A81

    I would like to purchase a new or working used 1991 NSX SRS Control ModuleHonda part number 77932-SL0-A81 since mine just stopped working and it is a discontinued item from Honda. This is the module in the center console that controls the drivers airbag deployment. My NSX is disassembled at the...