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  1. SakeBomb Garage

    Holiday Sales: 10% off all products on website

    Reward your friends, family, or yourself with parts for your FD, S2K, NSX, etc while there's a 10% discount sale on the website! Just use the code "HOLIDAYS2021" upon checkout. For any questions, email us [email protected] to help with your order today! https://www.sakebombgarage.com/
  2. K

    Wheels Advan Model 5s 18x10+19, 17x9+22

    Selling my set of Model 5s. No trades. $3600. Text me at 562-665-8453. My inbox on here is full, if you PM me you will not get a response. 18x10+19 & 17x9+22 Brand new Federal 595 tires, 225/40, 215/40. Tires have less than 1k miles on them. - No cracks, have not been repaired or welded. -...
  3. M

    In search of 1st Gen Black or Red Manual NSX!

    Hello, my names Mike and i'm in search of a Black or Red first generation NSX manual! My budget is around 65-70k! Email: [email protected] Phone: 7742499890
  4. K

    Advan AVS 18x10+19, 17x9+22

    Hello all! First post here and I'm selling my set of Model 5s. I think these are perfect spec for an NSX? I ran them for 1k miles on my S14 240sx and am currently selling the car! The tires are brand new. I know NSXs can fit real wide tires, unfortunately stock body 240s cannot, hence why such a...
  5. N

    Powertrain RDX injectors and chip

    Want to buy RDX injectors and most importently EEPROM/Chip that works with these.
  6. Aero Z

    Center Digital Clock

    WTB Center digital clock in good condition, text me @ 267 391 6764
  7. stuntman

    ***STICKY*** - Design and Make your own NSX 3D Printed Parts! - Tutorial

    Hey guys, check out the article I wrote on MotoIQ.com, discussing my journey to solve a problem of the NSX's OEM plastic door frame cracking, and the inability to source the driver's center section. You too can learn how to design and 3D print your own car parts: Make Your Own Parts with...
  8. J

    Wheels Titan T-S5 Wheels/Tires-Black- Almost New Cond - ONLY $2000

    Titan T-S5 Wheels in Machine Black - Currently mounted on my '94 NSX. Fits both NA1 and NA2. F: 17X8 +37 offset R: 18X10 +40 offset Center Caps included in matching black. Ordered direct from Titan...
  9. Arkaid

    Interior Momo Zagato Steering Wheel

    SOLD For sale is my Momo Zagato steering wheel. I ran this wheel for 4+ years on my NSX, but recently purchased an OEM Type S steering wheel so I am selling this one. This version of the steering wheel was found on the Alfa Romeo SZ/RZ. The shape and size of the Zagato is identical to the OEM...
  10. 1

    FS: Immaculate NC1 2017 Acura NSX - $120,000

    Up for sale is a immaculate NC1 2017 Acura NSX. This vehicle has been well kept. It does not see any moisture, and is a garage queen. It is only driven on sunny days. Below is the breakdown of this vehicle. I am the actual owner. The previous thread that was posted on this vehicle was not the...
  11. M

    Memorabilia Kyosho No 08082R Acura NSX Red

    Sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This model has been in the box since I purchased it in 1997. Unfortuneately the car is gone so now it's time for someone to enjoy this well made model. $200 with free shipping in the US.
  12. R

    Windshield replacement

    Hi, It's time to replace the windshield on my 1996 NSX. Does anyone have any recommendations where can I take my NSX to have the windshield replaced (Bay Area, California)? Is it best to go with Acura or is it easier to go with an auto glass repair shop like Safelite? I live in San Jose and...
  13. mcano

    Nsx caravan to south oc cars & coffee on saturday 9/26

    Johnathan Dang and I are going to the Meet in San Clemente next Saturday, September 26th! It’s one of the nicest meet venues in SoCal. I attended this meet last Saturday in my 88 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce. There were at least four Gen 1 NSX’s and 2 NC1 NSX’s in attendance, but they were...
  14. Arkaid

    OEM Engine Mounts Filled w/ Urethane

    SOLD For sale is my spare pair of OEM NSX engine mounts that have been filled with urethane via the Cedar Ridge Fabrication kit. I somehow have two sets of mounts and can only use one at a time obviously, so don’t really need these.. As mentioned, the mounts are the OEM Honda ones that have...
  15. mcano

    World Famous City of Sierra Madre 4th of July Parade

    This year’s parade is currently on hold pending Federal, State and Local COVID19 guidelines for large public events! I will keep you posted. In the interim, please message me if you would like to drive your NSX in the parade if it is not canceled. As in past years we will meet at my house...
  16. Y

    Wheels WTB Volk SF challenge 18x9 +41 19X9 +36

    Hey guys, im looking to buy a set of VOLK SF Challenge wheels that are able to fit SOS's brembo BBK. From past experiences +41 offset for the front rims were perfect to fit over the BBK and +36 was also perfect for the rear brake kit aswell. Let me know if you have any variation of the SF...
  17. B

    GruppeM Supercharged 92 NSX

    Hey guys, I am helping a friend get their supercharged NSX back up to its former glory but I'm having difficulty finding information about the Gruppe M supercharger. Does anyone have an install guide/manual for this kit that they could send me? The kit is already on the car but it doesn't seem...
  18. mcano

    Supercar Sunday 2/23/20 Featuring the NSX at Pierce College in Woodland Hill, CA

    FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT LIVE IN SOCAL OR WILL BE IN SOCAL THIS COMING SUNDAY Just a reminder about the Supercar Sunday event featuring the NSX at Pierce College, in Woodland Hills, this Sunday from 7 to 10, including a canyon drive to Lavagios for brunch after the car show. Those of you that are...
  19. MITA Motorsports

    MITA Motorsports 2002+ NSX Wheel now in Satin Gold

    Introducing the new color for our 2002 NSX Wheels! Due to the great success of the wheels in the OEM colors, we will now be supplying the same great design but now in Satin Gold. We hope you enjoy this new color https://www.mitamotorsports.com/1st-gen/2002-style
  20. MITA Motorsports

    MITA Motorsports Y Spoke Wheels

    Introducing MITA Motorsports' NSX Y Spoke Wheels Forged with JWL certification regulations with proper JWL branding. Compatibility: [*=left]Compatible with: 2016+ NSX ; (Also can fit 2016 FK8 Civic Type R) [*=left]Compatible with : Factory OEM Brakes Features: [*=left]Color...
  21. MexiRicer

    Wheels Volk Racing Te37 16/17

    F/S: Volk Racing Te37 16/17 16x8 +30 17x9 +22 For sale is a set of NSX spec Te37. They are the original variants from pre 2010 (no stamping in between spokes). The set has been powder coated Satin Bronze. New stickers and valve stems were then added. One of the rears had some curb-age that...
  22. J

    New Owner - my first 1995 NSX-T in Brooklands Green

    Hi new friends! I just finalized the auction of my new to me Brooklands Green NSX-T with 60,000 original miles. The car has a pretty awesome set of documents of it's history and care over the years as it's been in Washington state its whole life. It's about to be shipped to the great state of...
  23. N

    Ford Vs. Ferrari and NSX

    Recently I went to see the movie, Ford vs. Ferrari, this is a great Motorsport film and I highly recommend everyone take the time to see this film. As I watched the movie it struck me that the Honda NSX has a very similar story to its own history. Honda, prior to the NSX, was much like Ford...
  24. K

    LONGSHOT - Looking for previous owners of Vin #JH4NA1156MT000770

    Forgive me for any format issues, this is my first post ever on this site! So I am picking up this NSX later in November when I am finished with my Army schooling crap. Vin # JH4NA1156MT000770 - 1991 NSX Seller seems to be a great guy. Very hesitant to sell at first when he realized where the...
  25. N

    Wheels WTB: 94-02 OEM Wheels

    Looking for 94-02 OEM wheels. Preferably with tires but open to just the set. Thanks.