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  1. S

    Relocating SRS for Science of Speed Subwoofer

    Hello All, I have been installing the Science of Speed Audiophile system and I cannot tell if I am getting the subwoofer set all the way back. I removed the 3 blue wire holders and have it rerouted above, but I cannot tell if it is still hitting the subwoofer box by the transmission tunnel...
  2. PorknBeanz

    WTB or rent SRS Test harness

    Hi, I'm looking for a couple of test harnesses to troubleshoot my SRS system. I will buy one or both cables, or rent them for a week and return. Test Harness B: 07MAZ-SP00500 Test Harness C: 07LAZ-SL40300
  3. J

    Interior FS: Left Drivers Side Steering Wheel Airbag

    Hello, I have a left drivers side steering wheel airbag from i believe a model year 1991. I received this from another member and have no use for it. Please see below for a picture of what you'll be receiving. $175 shipped Please ask all questions beforehand look carefully at.the pictures...
  4. JGibbs

    SRS Senors with Brackets - Left and Right

    SRS Senors for a 1991 NSX. These sensors came with the car when I bought it as spare parts. They appear to be new, and never installed. I have never installed/tested them myself and was planning on tossing them since my SRS is working well. Offering them up here in case anyone needs them! $50...
  5. J

    FS IL: Mint Airbag!

    Hi guys, I have a mint airbag that I'm not using with the steering wheel setup I purchased. There are no nicks, scratches or problems with it whatsoever. 185 Shipped!
  6. B

    Brakes 1991 Airbag SRS Module

    I have a used SRS module (known to be a good unit) that I used to troubleshoot in my 1991 NSX. Acura #77960-SLO-A82 . $250.00 and free shipping in US.
  7. D

    SRS reset, airbags and belts

    My 95 was in a light accident and I'm frustrated the bags went off. Must have hit the sweet spot or something. Now I'm left with fixing my interior. Can the SRS module be reset? I've found places to repair the seat belts, is it worth it? They're obviously locked since the srs system went...
  8. 9

    Passenger Dash Airbag

    in need of a passenger airbag!!!! pm or please call or txt me at 254-761-0844
  9. N

    SRS unit repair how-to

    Guys, just wanted to drop a note on "fixing" a '91 SRS unit that's gone south like mine did. I had leaky caps, burnt traces, etc. It was a mess. I know some guys have either ordered new NSX units from Honda for like $700 (although looks like they're actually not even available anymore?), or...
  10. Stevon

    Need 93+ SRS seatbelts with yellow Connectors

    Purchased a set of seat belts from a guy on Prime who swore they were from a 1994 car. Long story short, they were clearly labled 1990 and the wrong ones. I hope he will refund my money..... What I need is a set of undeployed 93+ seat belts both sides for my 1995-T, see example picture below...
  11. Stevon

    Interior WTB 93+ seatbelts W/SRS plugs

    I have a set of 91 seatbelts installed in my 95-T. Ergo SRS light is on. Parts and/or adivice to fix SRS light would greatly be appreciated. Stephen
  12. Stevon

    95 NSX-T SRS Light Reset

    Have done a lot of research on Google and looking through the manuals hunting for a method of reseting my dashboard SRS light. There is 0 amount of do-it-yourself information available for the NSX. I think I found the MES 2 wire connector and had a hell of a time locating then defeating upside...
  13. cwood1388

    Acura Air Bag

    Hello prime! So I have an extra air bag laying around and have grown tired of looking at it. I'm sure someone can use this thing instead of it collecting dust. $200.00 Shipped
  14. N-Wing

    SRS Module Removal Documentation (SRS Light problem due to water in Module)

    As promised I have put together work step instructions for the removal of the SRS Module with the help from a few key people (Brad Groshok, ID Brian K and ID heyskippy). Summary: This will show you how to remove the SRS Module and check for water damage due to water condensation entering it...