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Relocating SRS for Science of Speed Subwoofer

11 March 2022
New Hampshire
Hello All,

I have been installing the Science of Speed Audiophile system and I cannot tell if I am getting the subwoofer set all the way back. I removed the 3 blue wire holders and have it rerouted above, but I cannot tell if it is still hitting the subwoofer box by the transmission tunnel. Does anyone have pictures or walk through of how they relocated the SRS wire? Pictures currently. One with carpet and floormat is with enclosure behind it. Any input would be great!


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I just finished up this installation in my car. What you have so far looks good except for the yellow SRS wiring on the left side of the footwell. I recall having to move that up to clear the sub. If you don't think you have the box all the way back you don't. You'll know when it's in the correct position. It literally seats into place and seemingly pushes out the air behind the enclosure as it goes fully back into position.
One more thing, I had to scrape some of the floor seam sealant. It was too thick causing the box to sit a bit too high and it would hit the square tab at the top.
Thank you for your help! I did not see any recent threads on one of these installs. I was able to go back in and find a good position to raise the SRS harness on the left footwell. This did allow me the last half inch I was missing. Hopefully soon I will be done. I have the doors and subwoofer left.

You got the hard part done. I hope your door frame mounting tabs are good. I had to got to MITA for their replacement version. I think a third of mine were broken on a 45K mile car!
Thanks. Yeah I did this almost backwards. It was a hard decision to do this to the car but I was not going to pull it apart to fix the Climate Control and determine if it was the head unit, or one of the 3 amplifiers. I rather update the sound system with as little modification as possible and use Williams Electronics for the radio. I have been lucky going going slow on this project and have not broken any tabs. Only broke 1 clip on the door harness as I am trying to make the sound deadening 1 piece. I also bought tweeter sash covers from Mita as I was not going to cut a hole in the door panel. Unfortunately they were not deep enough and had to be modified. With 2 clips it still holds well. This is a 1991 with 8,500 miles. Yes that was the factory moisture barrier!

Wow! I doubt the door panels have ever been off before. That's a bummer on the Mita tweeter pods. At least they're going to work in the end. I hope you have sound deadening mat to put around the SoS speaker panels. It will really help get the most out of your speakers as well as resealing the door vapor barrier.
Yeah I have enough. Unfortunately I am a perfectionist even on things I do not see in the end. I will upload a picture when I am done but this is how I am doing it. I was not a fan of the sound mat sent with the kit.

wowza you may have one of the lowest mile 91 I have seen..
Yeah she has low miles. Did not help it any though haha. Spent the last 5 years getting service back on track. It sat so much the catalytic converters actually degraded and clogged the exhaust. So far I have upgraded the wheels, rotors, and pads. Pride exhaust resonated test pipes paired with a Top Speed Pro-1 exhaust. Climate control sent to Brian K. Factory radio upgrade by Williams electronics. Now installing the Science of Speed stage 2 sound system. And then over the past couple years got all the scheduled maintenance up to date. The screen shot is from April 2020.

Did anyone have a problem getting the door panel to line up to the interior dash? Everything on the door panel lined up okay but I feel like it should be align better? I have had the panels off for 3 months so I should have taken more photos.

If anyone has an idea that you!

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The door/ dash misaligned is normal.

You can loosen the bolts on that side of the dash and move it around a bit...but hard to eliminate completely.

Nice tweeter install.
Hi Drew,

Thank you for the post. I assumed it might be a common issue as everything was aligned properly. I just should have taken some before pictures. I looked through pictures online and saw it on others too. I did like that Mita made these tweeter sashes but I also reached out to them as they were designed off of 1 tweeter brand that was not very deep. I work for a 3D printing company for the jewelry market and may play around trying to develop some new ones so I can have all 3 tab points.
I've been able to move the dash so that it lines up with the door panel, but it comes at the expense of a wider gap at the A-pillar garnish. So instead of a misalignment at the door, you now have a HUGE gap at the A-pillar....and at that point I decided that the factory made the proper call.

Something went wrong somewhere in NSX design world because on RHD there is the same issue.