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Exterior WTB: JDM/Acura Taillights

It should cost you about $150 to have it shipped to you via Buyee. I've had a bunch of things received and shipped...pretty neat operation, but it is not inexpensive.

Also, my JDM taillights have a clear plastic cover over the red plastic. Seems completely unnecessary. So using JDM taillights and a USDM center piece would not quite match, but might be a cool effect otherwise.
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The genuine hurdle you are going to have to overcome is the urge to dilute your shopping cost by buying more items... which combined will cost you little more than the current cost; so essentially free shipping on your next few items for the next 30! days of included storage.

(I'm giving away all my competeve edges...soon all of 'Prime will start bidding on bits of NSX stuff. My little payback for all the help I've gotten over 20 years of others.)
Dood, just broadcast and I'll either drop out or flip for it. I maintain general non compete policy with colleagues...

I am always on the lookout for Bose parts, CCUs, and clusters.