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1991 NSX with 4000 miles

The guys been trying to sell it for about 1-2 months now. The car is in a weird position. The mileage is too high to be a museum example and it's priced too high. It's going to be a while before he finds the right buyer.

For that price range, I think most buyers would rather take a low mileage near mint 97+.
Guy obviously doesn't understand how to advertise. The mileage is very low and it may be a real jewel but you can believe it has all kinds of deffered maintenance. I would damn sure go for a 2002+ for those dollars - man you gotta almost be crazy to pay that for a car that has just been sitting. Sad actually - why buy a car like that and just look at it - I'm gonna go way out on a limb and say the dude was stupid to buy it and stupid to keep it for so long. Geez what is it about the car that he liked? Funny. :rolleyes: Now if it was white......:wink:
Asking top dollar like that you would think they would take better pictures. The interior picture of the steering column and mileage with all of the dust implies it was just left to sit without much care. At least give the car a good cleaning and take some more professional pictures if you are going to ask $50,000 for a 1991. For that kind of money I would spend a little more and buy the 53 mile NSX that a member here has.
I note that the listing has expired. Does anyone have the seller's information? Please pm me if you can help. Thanks!