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1993 Drivers recline motor removal

4 December 2017
Anyone have a video or workshop manual pages that detail the removal and reinstalling of the recline motor on the left driver's seat of a 93 NSX.
New motors are backordered with no date for fulfillment.
I have found a shop in CA that rebuilds seat motors and want to send it out to them.
Thank you.
IIRC the recline motor can't be removed from the seat rail easily (i think it has to be cut off?), you can completely dismantle the seat and send them the whole rail with the motor attached but will probably still cost a bit of money for shipping since it will be a bit heavy.
To get to the motor you have to take the middle sections out of the seat then you can lift up the leather and foam on the side to get to the motor.


Once that's done you can remove all of the motor (except for the end cap and brushes) quite easily and give that to the shop for rebuilding.


Sorry I don't have better pictures, this is all I took when my recline motor stopped working. In my case just the brushes were seized in the plastic housing.
I remember doing this many years ago. I don't recall it being difficult. The problem was one motor brush was all screwed up and I "fixed it" by going to Ace Hardware and getting some replacement motor brushes and fitting them using some emery cloth. It still works just fine.

Hope this might help, and good luck.
I saw you got your motor. My recommendation is to find a good automotive upholstery shop and have them do the work as you have to disassemble the seat/remove the seat covers/cushions...
And the Factory Service Manual is pretty silent on motor removal...Chapter 23 has the test, but you do that at the wire harness on the bottom, and it has how to install and remove seats in Chapter 20...but that's about it. It doesn't discuss actually disassembly and reassembly of a seat itself