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2002+ Parts Backyard Special Hood and Downforce CF

15 July 2003
Sadly my 25,000 mile 2002 was totaled after my insurance company could not locate some “obsolete” frame supports. What I have for sale is the following:

Backyard Special non-cf NSX-R replica hood $1600
Downforce cf sport front lip - Sold
Downforce cf DF-R wing with 3rd brake light - Sold
Downforce cf sport rear diffuser - Sold
Downforce cf sideskirt splitters - Sold
Downforce cf engine garnish - Sold
SOS stealth front license plate - Sold
Zanardi floor and trunk mats - Sold
Personal Neo Actis 350 Steering Wheel $250
Works Bell Engineering Flip Up and Hub - Sold

Prefer local pickup for any large item.
Parts are in Pacifica, CA - Bay area


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Sorry, I’m doing everything I can to not ship. Maybe a friend is willing to purchase and ship for you?

No problem Just asking. If they don't sell locally, I'll be here.

Sorry to hear about the car though. I'd be devastated.
Interested in front lip and sideskirt splitters, if still available. Detail please.
Also interested in rear diffuser, if still available.
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Once again I'm late to the party, and without a date no less..
For those interested in the rear diffuser I noticed some imperfections. Full disclosure. Please see pics and let me know if you are still interested.

Thanks 4B772A35-6FEA-4E80-A4A1-9AB54534B44D.jpg9789184D-304A-4CFB-95FF-C7B0E8C48166.jpg
Yea, wing is still available. Along with the NSX-R hood and Personal steering wheel. Everything else is sold or about to be sold. Thanks everyone and may my NSX continue through you. RIP Red.


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You wouldn't happen to have the leather door panel inserts? Not sure if I'm describing it correctly, but they are the leather pieces that go along where the inside door handle is.