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2012 GTR or 2008 Porsche Turbo?

2012 GTR :biggrin: Those things is a monster with some work.Three buddy's of mine has a RED and two WHITE ones.They tried to convince me to get a BLACK one but I got a BLACK NSX instead.With the price range I can do so much more to the NSX :biggrin:
Nice list. Wasn't looking for a 4 door. Really want a "sports car", so the M5 is out. Definitely nothing American, corvettes are a dime a dozen. In my parking garage there are 3 Z06s and 2 ZR1s, forget about what I see on the road. Vipers are rare, but Snakey drives one, so no. The Ford GT would be the exception, but way out of range of the "$94k" GTR budget.

Then there is the R8. I just don't know what to make of it. It's not an ugly car, but the visual balance seems... off. It is mid engine, awd. Big plus. But why wouldn't I start looking at Lambo's instead?

The others you list might be viable options. I have to admit, none of them came to mind. I would have to look at pricing. The GT3, are you referring to the 911 variant? If so, what year?

The GT3 has aways been a 911 platform. It is the lightweight, track-oriented version of the 911. Lighter weight, awesome brakes, stiff suspension, etc. You can find a 2008 in your price range, but I've heard they can be tiresome as a street-only car given the suspension, etc. On the track, they are supposed to be phenomenal.

The R8 is much more appealing in person. It doesn't photograph well. For your criteria which seem to be oriented towards the rarity, it would be a good option. As you point out, you aren't far away from a used Gallardo and they are similar platforms. Me, I'd go for the Gallardo, even if it meant it was a few years older.

Maser is a pretty car... sounds wonderful with the Ferrari-derived powerplant but you're going to take a bloodbath on the depreciation (and probably maintenance too). It is also straying from your sportscar ideal into a GT.

Vantage is a car I'd love to own someday. Pure class. Not the best performer but a beauty and can hold its own. Also straying a bit from a pure sportscar. I was expecting these to depreciate a lot faster than they have.

The GT-R is a technical marvel but if you think the R8 is ugly, it is a hulk - 1000 times more ugly in my view. Despite its prowess on the test track, it does nothing for me and I would never want to own one. The AWD is a plus when you're pushing 500+ HP though.
I'd go with the porsche, but of course it's a personal choice. Both are AWD and faster than most of us can really handle. The gtR looks ugly, and unless i'm just driving a commuter car which i'm not expecting any sort of true enjoyment out of, i'd drive a vehicle that has curb appeal.

it's kind of like a bad ass version of the Aztek.

Also, as consideration... your $94k on the gtR is going to have sales tax tacked on... and your 911 won't have much of a warranty.
the dual clutch system is very aggravating starting in first and reverse,

could you comment a bit more on this please? stuff like this doesn't get mentioned much in car magazines. It seems like they hide it or something.

Also a question for the rest of you as well, where on earth can you use the performance of a GT-R or a 911 Turbo on public roads? I mean I drive a four potter and I just can't seem to enjoy any of its power before I hit the speed limit (I love to shift gears). Also I've driven Boxster/911Cs, I could not exploit any of the power of those two cars. The Boxster you could use it a bit, but the 911 Carrera S just jumped like a maniac and before you know it you've already hit highway speed limit, and forget about intown speed limits.
could you comment a bit more on this please? stuff like this doesn't get mentioned much in car magazines. It seems like they hide it or something.

I'm not sure about Gary's experience with his GT-R but the only little annoyance for me is when I start the car and put it in reverse. It doesn't move and when I barely press the gas, it lurches backwards. But I only experience this on a cold start. I'm used to the SMG systems in BMW's and when in gear, the car does not move unless you press on the gas like a true manual. But in the GT-R, if I put it in gear, it does move. Or if I am at a stop light, I have to keep my foot on the brake (unlike the BMWs).

This annoyance may happen in first gear on a cold start too but I always have to back out in order to get out of my garage so maybe that's why I haven't experienced this
GTR. 0-60 in under 3 seconds and they fixed the drivetrain issues so you can turn off traction control without voiding the warranty. Faster around a road course unless you are a really really good driver.

Drove an 08 turbo S and it felt kind of flabby around town. Might be better as the speeds rise but how fast can you drive it and get away with it these days.

The 2012 GT-R has a revised launch control (LC4). In order to use it, you still have to put the car in RRR mode (traction control still on). These cars are now doing 11.0-11.1 in the 1/4 with a 1.6 60'. My best 60' on my 2010 is 1.8. So, the revised LC is definitely an advantage in order to get these fast 1/4 mile times

There is no such thing as an 08 Turbo S. Porsche came out with the revised 997 in 2010 so that they could match the GT-R. They usually come out with the S model the last year of that model's life. Now that the S is out, that car does 0-60 in 2.9-3 secs.

2.8s? Where did you get that figure?

I haven't seen a 2012 GT-R do 2.8 but there are def clips of 2012s doing 2.9 on youtube and nagtroc.
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GTR for me, but it would be a tough choice.
One of the reasons would be all Porsches look the same.
The Turbo looks just like the base sportcar model.
But the GTR. People know that's a supercar.
I actually bought an 05 Turbo S Cab instead of a GTR as a daily driver. Don't really like the looks of the GTR. I like it at first glance and then it just gets old. Looks too much like an Altima? on droids. If you want blistering fast, get a 996 turbo and then have it worked on. No real issues unless you live in CA in which case you can still get it close to 600 hp and still pass inspection unless they can tell the difference between a K16 or a K16/24 or K24.
Buy a 2012 GTR and snack on all the 911's you desire.
just to help out on the lambo part.....

I have a 2004 gallardo six speed and am very impressed with it, I also bought it for around 85k, but......now that the 2012 gtr is out, there is not much comparison. the gtr is just far superior in every way (except looks and exclusivity, but even that gets old).

gtr all the way.
dual clutch transmissions are annoying... a great compromise, but ultimately not perfect as an auto and not perfect as a manual. as a tool for going fast on a road course, it works really well. otherwise, its either laggy or too abrupt on clutch engagement... and if you want to have fun by shifting, it is no replacement for rowing through a gearbox. it certainly does work well enough for everything though and it excels on the road course.

for everything but rowing your own gears and road racing, i certainly prefer a great traditional automatic...

a manual isn't quite as fast vs. a dual clutch auto (drag/ road course) nor is it as fast as a great traditional automatic (drag), but it will certainly do everything well if you don't mind the extra work and posess some skill and its certainly more fun.

anyways, Porsche Turbo = traditional automatic or 6 speed manual... GT-R = dual clutch automatic... choose based on what you want out of the car.

my 300ZX TT has a built automatic with high stall torque converter and it is great fun for cruising, daily driving, drag racing, top speed racing, powerslides, burnouts til the tires fall off, etc. its relatively slow to downshift so it sucks on a road course, but that was never my intention... despite the great racing heritage of the car, the production version is overweight and has poor cooling when subjected to track abuse... i wanted it to be the best at what automatics do best.

The NSX is my manual car and would be my choice for a road course, if i ever feel the need...
Interesting to see such a preference for the GTR,
It's indeed a very good car.

But personally i don't like it, to big (it's huge) to heavy.
For that Money i'd look in to a used ZR1.

Although there aren't a lot of new cars i'd buy would be ether a ZR1 or a fully built NSX.
I cannot believe we aren't seeing more "Get the R8".

I've driven two and they are superb! You get the awd performance, cornering abilities, exotic looks, and Audi quality. The service costs for the R8 are alot lower than one would expect too. You can get it in a manual and tip transmissions.

Go drive one.

I'm just not sold on the GTR as it isn't as exotic looking as other choices in this price segment. Sure its a performance beast but looks like an Infiniti G35 kinda...

I loved my 911 and who cares if they are everywhere...that tells you something.

But if I had your money I'd be shopping for an R8 or Gallardo.

AGREED ~ IF you are at $94k, add maybe 5-10k for a really good example of an R8 with a manual tranny and you'll be in heaven. Granted it's not faster than the 2 cars you are looking at but certainly looks better and a true exotic.

The 2012 GTR is a monster however so if you are out for pure power/speed not much can touch it from the Italians or Germans.

The P-car's are meh to me, nothing special. I had a 997 GT3 and gave it up in a heartbeat for my NSX. For the price I paid I could have bought an R8 and should have done that from day one....but then I would have a much tougher time giving it up for the NSX so perhaps it's better this way :)

In your shoes, I would go GTR, or maybe a Z06 Vette. Always liked Chevy's muscle car or wait for the new Viper.

well it seems OP is out for balls out speed... the NSX is already the driver's choice. makes sense, goes inline with my duo of cars... except i care about looks. i like rare, i like low slung sports cars, etc. this would easily discount the GTR or 911 Turbo...

but the C6 Z06 would be my pick if i just wanted something insanely fast... it just has a beastly powerband. 1/4 mile is one thing, but 60-130 times are a true test of the cars power... it will hang neck and neck with an LP640 and ZR1 from these speeds. you would leave a stock 911 Turbo or GTR far behind.

modded... well that's all relative to how much modding will be done. ultimately, my 300ZX TT is capable of running with the best when modded to the limit. (i'm just talking about cars still running their respective engines and such... there is a whole world of crazy swaps out there...)
Call me crazy or silly or whatever, but I can't bring myself to "want" a GTR simply because I feel that it "betrayed" the GTR marque. It's a little too radical in styling (I think the R34 was the best design of any Skyline), and I'm disappointed that they used the VQ motor instead of the RB. An updated version of the RB26 (or 28 or 32 or whatever they wanted) would have gone a long way in winning me over. More conservative styling would have also been nice.

I do really like the P-Turbo's looks, and would almost certainly choose the Porsche over the GTR on that basis alone (the performance differences are negligible on the street, which is where I would be driving either car the most; and since track time would be purely for fun, it really doesn't matter which car laps faster).

In the $94K range, I might just pick up a F360 since they are "reliable" and my favorite F-car in that price range. I also like the 575M, but not too sure what they're pricing out at.

You might also consider an SL55/65/600
The GT-R is just not a really nice looking sports car - even after looking at it for the past few years hoping that the look will grow on me, it never did.

How about a very low mileage 993 turbo, the look is classic and is already a collectible.

Or like the other poster suggested, a 360 Modena would be nice too. Prices for those are probably reached close to bottom. Around $80-$90 would get you a very good one.

Or even better,

For that money you can get a 996 TT and an NSX, and good ones too! (low mileage 1 or 2 owner cars).
well if you are talking old F360, you can also get an old Gallardo...
I have a solution for you.
Get both, give me the one you don't like.
Problem solved.