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$20K Acura discount through March 2020

I wish I could believe this but what do they do about the price tag? It will never again sell without the discounts/incentives so what happens going forward? It's not going to be any cheaper to make it and it will never sell for the full price again so do they admit the price is "wrong" and just lower the MSRP outright without the constant incentives? And if they do how much of a hit do existing models take in depreciation when the prices for new are $20-30k lower MSRP?

They'll just keep the same incentives running on and off. This is typical industry practice.

Besides a handful of lease turn-ins, residual values are not the manufacturer's problem.

And that is why I leased the POS instead of buying it. I knew, just like a lot of other people, that the car was going to be a sales flop. I know people paying more than I am for a Range Rover which was $50k less. There is no way Acura is going to recover from this poor image of the car not selling. I laugh when I read people will buy it if it was targa or Type-R. If the car is so good you’d figure they would buy it because of its history and their love for the brand. I can talk shit about the car because I have one in my garage. I’m sure there will be one jerk to say otherwise.

Yeah with the advertised specs and the advertised price and an acura badge, it was pretty plain as day that it would be a slow seller. At least for a car in ~2016.

By the time any targa or type-R comes out, the NSX will be very long in the tooth. Virtually none of the people saying "if only it was a _______, I'd buy it" will actually buy anything, likely myself included admittedly.

I laughed when I saw all the media outlets picking up on the $20k incentive. Its been around since the 19s came out.

Not to mention the previous incentive they had back in 2017...

On a few other forums that I'm on, people are test driving the car, and giving it excellent reviews. They're saying that if it had a prancing horse on it, it'd be selling for much more money. Between the delay in bringing it out, the way the dealers got crazy (just like in 1991), they've taken a car, that could've been a success, and they made it a disaster. Ford can have people lined up to pay 1/2 million dollars for a Ford, with a 6 cylinder engine, but Acura/Honda can't sell a high tech car for less than half that amount. Place the blame where it belongs, the entire network, manufacturer, stealerships, and service.

Absolutely. The marque is a huge part of the luxury experience. And the Acura experience is not a luxury experience.

I almost feel like it would sell better if you could buy it at a Honda dealer.

Anyone who paid MSRP for this car probably has no teeth and never saw a dentist.:biggrin:

A lot of the toothless paid over sticker, too.

.or you could wait till you can't drive anymore.....:tongue:......I'm sure the folks driving around in R8/911 verts are not dreaming of nc1 verts....

This is really the lesson for us all.